[DIY manual material package] in liquid soap - oily hair special, deep cleansing of the scalp, hair -

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[DIY manual material package] in liquid soap - oily hair special, deep cleansing of the scalp, hair -


[Design] Origin
... A thought experiment repeated a few months, finally completed this simple, but in reality cumbersome material package design!
Handmade continue to do a few years, most customers are accustomed to the use of massive soap, but still some friends can not afford to give up the convenience of shower gel, soap has been asked whether a liquid?
Thus, a**tailored liquid soap concept**spontaneously, you can choose a suitable formulation according to skin condition, and with a favorite flavor additive, a combination of personalized material package, get after just a few simple steps, you can complete a bottle of hand the most pure, simple shower gel or shampoo, regardless of their use or give it away is very suitable for Oh!
In recent years, commercial shower gel, shampoo frequent problems, excessive preservatives, improper additives, resulting in skin problems continued, ranging from sensitive to carcinogenic heavy, people could not be at ease with ~
**Only plus what you are aware that in order to be assured washed, liquid soap paste is made of pure vegetable oil, no other additional add -**
Want to have the convenience of bath milk, want to use the peace of mind, DIY liquid soap combination is a good choice, the most laborious soap paste bother to help you do a good job, you just decide you want good sense to wash, fragrance, additives .... will help you to do for skin with oil, until after the receipt of package material, just a few simple steps, you can personally ordered the completion of the exclusive bottle of 500ml of liquid soap.

※ Handmade small classroom:
Know why the soap can be made for different purposes, wash flu?
The reason is that different vegetable oils, fatty acid contained in the composition is different, and each fatty acid has a different function, high foaming, there are refreshing, moisturizing excellent ... .. to make the appropriate mix after , can form different sense wash soap.
With oil change very much, here are several recipes with different skin types, you can make choices according to their own skin condition!

★ The special soap shampoo oily paste ~
Ingredients: Coconut oil, rosin, Kucha You, olive oil.
Oil properties: high moisture Kucha You can reduce hair loss and increase hair shine, strong detergency to the oil rosin, add a small amount proportional to send soap, can enhance the cleaning power and increase the degree of blistering.
After shampooing accordance with the general way in the last flush to dilute the citric acid: Shampoo way <1000 about water: 1 Citric acid> rinse the hair, then rinse thoroughly with clean water can be. Without citric acid, vinegar or general can also rinse instead.

**Essential oils or fragrance choice - please choose one**
1. Lavender
2. peppermint oil
3. Tea Tree Oil
4. Eucalyptus essential oil
5. citrus oils <lemon, orange, grapefruit>
6. Rosemary
7. Rose Geranium
8. Rose fragrance

**Additives - Please choose a**<If not selected, all adding glycerol>
1. glycerol <moisture>
2. peppermint <cool feeling>

1.500ml a pressure bottle. <Color, style random out>
2.250ml Exclusive custom soap paste pot.
3.50ml bottle of fragrance and additives.
4. Simple DIY manual.
5. Clover a blistering ball.
6. The liquid soap sticker.
7. a bag.

☆ simple liquid soap DIY steps:
1. The soap paste shape into small pieces (the smaller the better solution) into the pot, add equal amount of water (or floral water, water gourd, cypress water .... Can), a little stir, after standing for 1 to 2 days.
2. simmer over low heat, gently stirring, the soap paste is completely dissolved in water.
3. The liquid hand soap does not add thickeners, so as not commercially available shower gel so thick, if you want a little thick body soap, available with saturated brine, and slowly added to a desired consistency to a consistency visual personal preferences may be, if not required thickening can also omit this step.
4. stalled until the soap temperature down to about 45 ° C or so (hand touch lukewarm), the perfumer bottle contents were added to soap, and slowly stir.
5. After let cool, bottling and labeling is completed.
※ saturated brine - salt will slowly dissolved in hot water until you can no longer dissolve more of an aqueous solution of common salt, said saturated brine.

☆ intimate small caution:
1. soap paste composed of several kinds oil blend with each oil color, hardness is different, we have different colors soap paste tank, soft and hard soap paste is a normal phenomenon Oh!
2. Some oil itself have a special taste, depending on personal preference, can choose to add or not to add oil ~
3. Orders will be carried out after the match, after completion will be sent as soon as possible, please be patient ~
4. When you receive the package material, please store in the shade, extended preservation, Baocunlianghao soap paste can be stored for more than eighteen months, the financial good liquid soap Use within one year after use.
5. bottles after use, please reuse, ex: fragrance bottle ... bottle can be used when traveling.
6. This is a "medium to oily hair" exclusive stores, other skin material bag use, please choose another other stores orders, and attach your flavor and additives options in an order, as soon as possible in order to facilitate purchased material package sent to the hands, thank you!
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade


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