[] Lost and find natural labradorite light stone crystal bracelet hexagram

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[] Lost and find natural labradorite light stone crystal bracelet hexagram


[Introduction] hope Guardian Birthstone The middle is the main stone with elongated stone, two stones with the sun, blonde, aquamarine, strawberries, glitter and colorful stone were compared with a national sense of color. Dan Chaoqiang elongated light, with the people will move when a glowing, happy ♡ The whole gives a warm feeling, now release full of positive energy, ready for new opportunities for the labradorite bring you !! Wear cute trinkets to live in a good mood ~ Hexagram manpower with stone cutting, hoping to make better use of the material treasure, showing the most beautiful side of the stone, it is not exactly the same size, I hope passengers understand. The original of this sell designer randomly selected Ametrine, natural stone is not the same for each, concerned friends to contact the designer choose what stone. ◆ ◇ ◆ ◆ ◇ ◆ mean labradorite [Stimulate imagination to attract a soul mate] [] [] [strengthen insight hope, new opportunities] ◆ ◇ ◆ ◆ ◇ ◆ hexagram means [Heart] [physical strength combined with Talisman] Guests can check online details like crystal effect. But comparing a thousand words to say to each Crystal Story, the owner trust your instincts, your heart will choose for you what you need most at this moment - you feel comfortable and happy, they will keep the luck on your side . Silver metal parts of titanium steel, the benefits are not sensitive and not like silver so easy to change, too lazy to take care of super nourishing jewelry division accountant favorite material wealth. New shelves natural stone will be paid on the wooden box, above the posted pay with designer stone said, because every designer also like to choose, I hope to receive guests will regard them as a result of fate and the encounter Like treasure. 【theme】 soul mate [Origin] Hong Kong 【raw material】 Sunstone strawberry blond aquamarine stone titanium steel flash 【size】 About 16cm 【Precautions】 Since the work is handmade, each is completely impossible necessarily perfect, of course, this is also hand-made features. Perfectionism friends think twice first before buying! / About Lost and find / 【brand introduction】 Lost and find, a story of fashion and accessories brand. Each brand has its own piece a "lost" and "looking for" story. We hope that the guiding thought and exploration family life in a small forgotten memories through fun way, the process they are no longer simply the identity of the owner, but we work and live have a mutual custodial trip, a Fuzzy master-servant relationship. [Designer] Bear Wan (Hong Kong), a fun-loving person. Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong


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