Little monster phone rack loudspeaker physical speaker sound log speaker simple music creative gift

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No power, no need to connect Bluetooth, little monster physical sound, use physical resonance cavity to amplify, put on the phone, you can increase the volume. After the resonance of the wood, the sound quality is deeper and rounder. The little monster is



Little monster phone rack loudspeaker physical speaker sound log speaker simple music creative gift


**【important Notice】** The Taiwan Customs Administration stipulates that starting from January 16, all overseas courier services need real-name registration. Please note the ID number of the recipient when placing an order in Taiwan (this information is only used for customs clearance and will be destroyed after registration). Without the registration information, the customs will detain the relevant courier and cannot enter the country, we cannot ship. **designer said.**A piece of wood with a big mouth and two golden brass teeth, looks like a little monster, cool and cute. If you feed it a cell phone and play a good song, you will be surprised that it can sing so loudly. **Fantastic physical sound reinforcement.**Musical instruments such as guitar and violin are amplified by wooden resonance box. The material of the resonance box also determines the sound quality of the instrument. "Little Monster" uses 100% North American Black Walnut. Using the phone to play music on the little monster can achieve the effect of sound reinforcement. The resonance effect is deeper and more stable. Return to the simple sound of nature. **High value mobile phone holder.**Simple geometric design, the phone can be placed horizontally or vertically. The two metal incisors are just right to support the angle. Whether watching video or listening to music, it brings a very good experience. **Ingenious manufacturing.**Selected North American Black Walnut, carefully polished and delicate to the touch. It is full of style like a piece of handmade art. **Exquisite packaging.**High-end atmosphere, whether it is for yourself or for others, is an excellent choice. **| Product description |** Size: 9.5cm*9.5cm*3.2cm Material: North American Black Walnut Weight: 160g (including packaging) Origin: Mainland China **| Warm Tips |** Because the product is made of solid wood and has the natural properties of solid wood, some products have the following conditions, which are normal and non-quality problems. This is also the charm of wood products. Each product is unique. ① Natural color difference ② Tree knot wood scar ③ Mineral line ④ Special texture **| Shipping Instructions |** By default, the SF Express service is used. It will be issued within 1 working day and can be delivered within 2-3 days. (PS. Taiwan users please note the recipient's ID number when placing an order. All personal identification information is only used for customs clearance and will not be leaked to third parties.)