Cast-iron pot with instant coffee - Ethiopian Sidoma summer rose sun-dried strawberry floral flavor

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227g x 1
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// LAIKA Coftee is now a fine coffee. Tea brand // Baking degree: medium light baking. Flavor: floral base, strawberry, fruit sugar, sweet sucrose, smooth and smooth lemon, sweet orange, wheat black tea. Freshly roasted coffee beans in each pot are excelle



Cast-iron pot with instant coffee - Ethiopian Sidoma summer rose sun-dried strawberry floral flavor


**/ Use the simple baking method and hand punching technology to convey the flavor of fine coffee in fine tuning /** The cast iron pan is stable, fast in heat conduction and good in heat storage. It is very suitable for hand-baked fine coffee. Just like the shovel technique of precision machining, it requires constant practice and correction, and eventually becomes a skill that the machine cannot replace. Cup of specialty coffee must consist of four faces: the areas of environment-friendly, high-quality beans, proper roasting, plus barista perfect interpretation, which is__from the coffee tree to the cup of coffee journey__. Coffee is an agricultural product, which may cause differences in flavor or yield depending on the variety, production area, climate, soil, planting method, treatment method, storage method, etc. The green beans we choose are the first choice for environmentally and producer-friendly coffee. **Ethiopia, Sidoma Valley, Sidha Valley, Summer Rose, G1 Sun** **Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Shakiso The Rose of Summer G1 Natural** **Red Cherry Plan (Trabocca's Operation Cherry Red)** . Producing Area: Gisatchino Town, Seymour Valley, Ethiopia . Altitude: 2000 m . Rating: G1 . Treatment: Sunning Natural . Treatment plant: Mulish treatment plant . Variety: Ethiopian native species (Heirloom) **Bake degree**: medium light baking **Flavour**: floral base, strawberry, fruit sugar, sweet sucrose, smooth and smooth lemon, sweet orange, wheat black tea **Hand-made coffee recommended parameters**(Ethiopia summer rose): Water temperature is 90 degrees Celsius Medium grinding / powder to water ratio 1:13 **Hand brewing coffee**: 1. The water temperature is adjusted to the appropriate temperature according to personal preference (recommended water temperature is 85 degrees to 92 degrees Celsius) 2. Fold the filter paper slightly and place it in the filter bowl (you can rinse the filter paper with hot water first to remove the pulp smell) 3. Using a medium grinding scale, grind 20g coffee beans into powder and pour into the filter bowl where the filter paper is placed. 4. Using a thin and steady stream of water, sprinkle a small amount of hot water from the middle in a spiral shape, and steam (wet) the coffee powder for about 30 seconds. 5. After steaming, continue to spiral inward from the middle to the inside, and refill the water to 250~300ml. 6. After the water is filled, remove the filter bowl and congratulations, complete a delicious cup of coffee! ※The flavor of coffee has a lot to do with the way of brewing and water quality. It is recommended to try more at home and find your favorite golden brewing ratio. **Our persistence** Pick high-altitude Arabica varieties of fine-grained coffee beans, and use hand-selected methods to remove cowpeas and foreign bodies from fresh green beans. Pick the raw beans before baking them, pick them up after baking, and choose the two hands to ensure the quality of the beans. Coffee and tea are also a part of the aroma of plants. While tasting coffee and tea, the atmosphere brought by the aroma is not only a part of our senses, but also affects the deep memories and emotions in your mind. LAIKA Coftee is home-marked and hopes to bring the temperature of the hand to the touch of coffee and tea. It is as warm and secure as home. **Reward period recommendation**: The recommended period of coffee beans is three months. Different storage environments will affect the quality of the coffee. Please keep it in a cool and ventilated place. __This product is based on Peruvian coffee beans as a schematic diagram. The bean type, size and color of each producing area will be slightly different.__


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