2017 Planner [Dadaocheng] Daily notes

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2017 Planner [Dadaocheng] Daily notes


/ Profile / Date 2017.1-2018.2 . after half-page is note https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519206-62274202.jpg Dadaocheng is an area in the Datong District, part of the Taipei Basin and a historic section of Taipei. It was also known as Twatutia. Dadaocheng was an important trading port in the 19th century, and is still a major historical tourist attraction and shopping area. The district is known for the local Taiwanese cuisine, the Chien-Cheng Circle, and also being the center of the February 28 Incident. Illustration image accompanied us forward. https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519200-3012095012.jpg 64 Pages https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519239-3456484703.jpg Happy for every day https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519242-185531064.jpg U & S illustrator https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519249-1191731440.jpg https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519272-2940192756.jpg Daily notes 2017.1-2018.2 https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519233-3323479688.jpg https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519235-3051058608.jpg Grid notes https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519308-3190571495.jpg https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519313-3384805722.jpg 2 Stickers https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519335-1344179678.jpg https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519337-2403303998.jpg https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1467281473-900898973.jpg kraft paper box https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519237-2674049868.jpg https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519342-1946875253.jpg https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519345-278626712.jpg https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519346-976418768.jpg https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1466519349-725925531.jpg 2017 work together every day https://pic.pimg.tw/uands/1467281942-2302960336_n.jpg?v=1467281972 / Specifications / Product size (H x W): 18cm x 13cm / Material / Cover: 150P coated Art Paper Inside: 80P writing paper Binding: 64 Pages, smoothing binding Book Cover: waterproof With a small sticker / About designer / 【U&S = "Uncle and Sister" 】 We are Uncle & Sister (U&S). Graduated from the same university, we both love illustration and design and enjoy running wild with our imagination. Sharing the same ideals and passion towards design, together we started an illustration studio under the brand U&S, designing products with elements from local cultures. Our main services are illustration design and image authorization. We are also active in teaching illustration and promoting education in aesthetics. We created a group of barefooted elves with long foot hair called the “Barefoot Family”Barefoot shows a love towards nature and earth, telling people to love the earth; foot hair means preserving one's born traits, encouraging people to be proud of their original self. / Origin / Taiwan / Printing