【Christmas limited】 elves phytosanitary repair milk 3 pieces

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【Christmas limited】 elves phytosanitary repair milk 3 pieces




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**"It is full of hydra feeling, clever research makes moisturizing easier."**
With five plant extracts of pure dew as the base, water recipe fresh and not sticky, can repair the skin, firm pores, and strengthen the skin defense. Adjuvant effectively moisturizing the skin moisturizing ingredients, reduce skin peeling, return to stretch luster, restore skin tenderness.

**Moisturizing repair long-term formula**
✔ moisturizing supple
✔ repair Shu Min
✔ trace oil
✔ Nonstick is not greasy


**Active ingredients**

● Sea Aster extract: to strengthen the skin barrier, soothe the skin, repair fragile skin, enhance moisture and make the skin more supple.
● Tremella polysaccharides: natural moisturizing products, extracted from white fungus, can increase the moisture content of the skin, reduce skin water loss.
● Nobled alcohol: can repair delicate skin, improve skin roughness, delay skin aging, increase skin protection.
● Vitamin E: The conversion of vitamin E in the skin to reduce dryness and improve skin protection can reduce the skin's water loss and enhance the strength of the skin protective layer.
● Shea Butter: A magical formula from nature, fresh and not oily, it is easy to be absorbed by skin's keratin. It adds luster and tenderness to dry and exfoliated skin, improves moisturization and sebum secretion, and has the functions of repair, conditioning, softening and moisturizing The effectiveness of the skin, you can stay in the skin surface to form a protective layer.
● Olive oil ethylhexyl: Olive extract hornfish ingredients, and human sebum composition close, can be effectively absorbed by the skin, enhance moisturizing, restore skin elasticity and luster.


**Water from the miracle of flowers - pure dew**
Pure dew, also known as water, is more gentle than the essential oils of plant extracts. Pure dew is the use of distillation of essential oils extracted plant essential oils, contains the essence of plants, the effect is very significant, is the most gentle and non-irritating skin moisturizing repair water, sensitive skin can also be used.

● witch hazel pure dew: can be mild and firm skin.
● lemon verbena pure: PH value and the weak acidity of the skin protective film is very close, with the use of the skin can make the meticulous.
● Rose pure dew (Damascus and Chiba): mild nature, is a highly effective water-retaining ingredients that can effectively balance the skin, soothe the skin, leaving the skin delicate and supple nature, a touch of rose scent more ease the emotions.
● Rock Rose pure dew: Although the word rose, but it is not a rose, but white flowers, can repair the torn skin condition, and have the effect of reducing wrinkles.
● Roman chamomile pure dew: particularly effective for sensitive skin care, mild stimulation is not easy, quiet calm the skin.


▶ Applicable groups: all skin types are applicable (oily muscle, mixed muscle, dry muscle) dull muscle, mature muscle, sensitive muscle, can be used
▶ How to use: 1. After cleansing the skin, apply appropriate amount of massage on the face to absorb the active ingredient. 2. Can be partially strengthened in the dry area
▶ Capacity: 30ml * 2
▶ Note: Please stop using after using or after use, if there is any swelling, itchy and other abnormalities, it is advisable to consult your dermatologist.
▶ This product has passed SGS 8 certification
▶ Origin / manufacturing methods: Origin Taiwan
▶ North City Wei makeup wide word No. 105120412
Origin / manufacturing methods


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