"Word" magazine No. 43 - forced

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"Word" magazine No. 43 - forced


Bimonthly, "boiled fish culture" published, published every single month, in business, triple, world, China, Kubrick, Page One, Eslite, Musical, Preamble, Yulin, Pastoral and other available. Partial stock is limited and is on sale. Forced X Art Awards storm episode The cost of living in this city is alienated by the price per square foot, the relationship between the settlers and the land is dominated by hegemony, the space is mechanically duplicated, and everyone living in a house / unit / mortuary / bed becomes a The most familiar stranger. The embarrassment of living is a sense of life that every one of us can share and resonate with. Issue 43, "Flower," focuses on "forcing," trying to describe the city's gloom and the central pain of deep condominiums. As an oral expression of the dilemma of the immigrants of the previous generation, Li Wei-yi's perspective on the basis of the living of today's generation continues. It is not a beautiful expectation of "living" as a rooted form. Later, Historical backbone, reviewing the changes of novels in housing novels from the external reality to the real changes in the inner world, and witnessing the trend towards the compression of living space in Hong Kong. Two different ways of retrospective living deformity development, showing the general appearance of living. Chow's anonymous log depicts the intimacy and overcrowding of the dwelling and records the growth and depression of the dwellings with which she already exists. The self-report of Qixi reflects the extremely alienated neighborhood and the constantly updated taste. Apart from crowding out, Chen Qiaoying rescued the appearance of complex structures by exchanging views with different people after being experiencing different people's lives. He also discovered and pursued his writing when he tried to escape from the city and walk into the mountain. Huang Yong Shi Zhi Zhi written by the relocation of the real life between the real change, the value of land after the deduction of the situation after alienation. In addition to the text, Kuan Shang-chih linked the footsteps and the money into the transaction value, and wrote off the exchange of living space and artistic value. Wilson Tsang, by drawing, declared the "chaos" victory in living space and creation. In addition to the topic, there are still no comments from the ADC's art criticism. In the current issue, we asked Yu Ruomei, Ye Yincong, Zheng Zhengheng, Long Tian and Deng Zhengjian to talk about the Art Awards. There are also He Qingji and Feng Meihua on the road to art criticism. In February this year, boiled fish drove the activities of "literary sketching". Instructors Han Lai Chu and Chan Lai-ku led a group of students to Kadoorie Farm to write on the topic of cherry blossoms. In this issue of "Flower", three of the participating students are selected to try to bring out more possibilities for outdoor writing. Other wonderful content, but also including an exclusive interview with Zhang Xuan, Yuan Shaoshan and Uncle Tom's book review, docker strike Albert How to create resistance to forget. Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong


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