Sanmu Crystal Series Natural Red Ghost Cornucopia Bracelet Men and Women Money Collector Jewelry Birthday Gift

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Brazil imported natural ore red ghost cornucopia original stone, hand-polished and worn, the diameter of the beads is 8-10MM, the perimeter of the bracelet can be customized.



Sanmu Crystal Series Natural Red Ghost Cornucopia Bracelet Men and Women Money Collector Jewelry Birthday Gift


[Jewelry Brand]: Sanmu SANMU [commodity material]: natural red ghost [Commodity size]: Bead diameter 8-10MM (Please leave a note on your net wrist size. If you have any questions, please contact the designer) [ Crystal Energy ] The green color of the blushing ghost can bring people positive wealth, which means that the green ghost can bring you positive wealth. The green ghost can make you rise in your career and your career. It is also harmonious and harmonious when you get along with your colleagues. Can allow you to increase communication with people, increase the trust of others to you, improve the attention of your boss to you, and thus have the opportunity to promote. The blush ghost corresponds to the human heart, which can make you compassion, compassion and love. When you get along with your lover, you can be one and the same, and pay attention to the same mind. The blush ghost is still a very good amulet, with the effect of exorcism. The green ghost has a cornucopia-like shape. It is very suitable to put the green ghost cornucopia ornaments at home. It can not only gather wealth and keep money, but also can smash evil spirits. [ Precautions] ⊙Because natural crystal gems crystals have natural ice cracks and cotton wadding, the stone used to make the bracelet has been screened for quality, but the condition of each natural ore is not the same. If there are some minerals missing or grain or the size changes within 1mm It's all normal (the flawless ore is very likely to be fake!) ⊙The demonstration photos have been trying to get close to the real thing, but the color and brightness displayed on each computer or mobile phone screen are different. Please dear buyers can accept the subscript, thank you very much! The framing of the enamel jewelry will focus on the bracelet and the jewel, which will cause visual enlargement, so the actual finished product may be slightly smaller than you think. In addition to the reference hand-drawing, the actual size of the jewel can also be confirmed below. . If you have any questions, please feel free to ask ^^ [ About Logistics] Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, mainland China Shunfeng sent it out and it is expected to arrive in about 5 days after being sent. Hong Kong shipping address For Hong Kong guests, please provide the address and number of the nearest SF Service Station or SF Express. You can reduce the additional delivery fee of SF, and the delivery speed will be faster. Other international regions 1. By default, the international postal registration is used, and it is expected to be delivered within 2-4 weeks (in case of Customs clearance, it will take longer) 2. If you need to use DHL (about 5-9 days), please contact us to pay the shipping price difference. [Wrist measurement] [ Brand Story ] "Three eyes" We have a third eye called design, love nature, love music and painting, and often find creative inspiration in cross-border culture. Faith minimalism, hoping to condense the concept of art in jewelry design, with the most simple shape and the color of natural gemstones to separate the works from the original creative motives, to maximize the wearer's self-expression; jewelry is divided into four series : Original natural crystal series, handmade silver series, hand-woven hand rope series, pearl color treasure series, this year we will break through thousands of designs.


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