Translucent mesh lace shoulder bag European lotus leaf cute girl fungus side bag independent original design

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This is a transparent mesh bag sewn by hand with pleated lace. The mesh is relatively stiff. It is generally not easy to bend or deform without gravity pressure. It is very suitable for spring and summer travel.


wewee wonder

Translucent mesh lace shoulder bag European lotus leaf cute girl fungus side bag independent original design


Product information: Main material: Poly fiber mesh Size: 38cm high x 30cm wide, handmade, the size may vary slightly by about 1cm. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- it seems someone else will hold my dreams to catch a bag that can be used for the storage of your goods your story your emotion and living freely in romance now disappear in the white sky u're in a white a white mood Like white canvas bag Not a slogan Not a print I always like to carry a white canvas bag when studying But most of them are the same print or text logo. Just want How fun it would be to go out with a different style of white canvas bag every day So it started Accumulate slowly in ignorant life Little by little records Sometimes try a series "A white bag" Han Jian stepped on the small road Blowing through the sea breeze and stepping over the snow Have blossoming memories Record every move in life It ’s also time to get different inspiration ideas Then make that memory into a white canvas bag Change my back every day Like every day of us It's a new journey Will have a different mood Do different things Look forward to Meet different people Select white Sometimes it is accidental Like the beautiful church On the way I came from afar And you Happen to be there "A white bag" this is a There are flowers in life that will continue As an attempt at wewee wonder lab Copyright © 2018 wewee wonder. All rights reserved. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ "Care and care of canvas bags" —Slight local stains can be wiped with an eraser first or with a small brush and water mixed with neutral detergent. —Do not machine wash or send dry cleaning. It is recommended to wash gently with a water temperature below 35 degrees. —Cotton material, this white fabric is easy to be dyed, please wash it separately from other clothes. — Use natural natural white canvas without chemical processing such as dyeing, bleaching and styling. It will have the characteristics of natural cotton cloth that becomes softer as it is washed. — This white canvas is easily drifted by bleach detergent. A mild neutral detergent without bleach is recommended. "Precautions before buying" —A white bag is a white canvas bag series from wewee wonder brand studio. Each one is cut and sewn by hand. The size error is controlled within 1cm. —All the products are original design and actual shooting. The call cost a lot of time and labor cost. Please share the reprint, please indicate the brand and source, and get in touch with customer service. Problems such as chromatic aberration may occur due to light or display. —The wewee wonder brand is a registered and effective brand trademark, and misappropriation will be held legally responsible. —Some products can accept customized services. In principle, there is no return and exchange service if there is no quality problem. —All products are handmade and do not belong to mass production, so if there is no stock, it will be shipped within 3-7 days. —Through attention Goods sent to your designated delivery address must pass the customs inspection of the receiving country (region) before delivery. The customs of the receiving country (region) may check tariffs and surcharges according to the type and value of the goods. Once the customs has approved the import duties, they must be paid by the consignee. If the duty is not paid, which results in a return, the product refund will not include round-trip freight and customs duties. —Undeliverable orders If the order is due to unknown delivery address, P.O.Box, multiple deliveries, no one has received it, the recipient refuses to pay taxes / refuses to provide an ID card / fails to declare the goods or the recipient refuses to receive the package, etc. returned. When the delivery company returns the package to us due to the above situation, we will deduct the original freight and the freight generated from the returned product in the refund, and the remaining amount will be processed according to the "refund policy" and "refund time".


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