Thin linen rain terrier pants wide skirt pants

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Thin linen rain terrier pants wide skirt pants


Until now have time to produce rain deer works, Because the fabric is really lucky. Listen to the name of good poetic, Turned out to be a kind of flax, Just deal with the way very natural. Only in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and other Western Europe planted production of flax. Miao mature after harvesting into a bundle, placed in the field field, through the rain deodorant hemp bar wood decay, suppress the carding made after the gray cortical phloem hemp fiber. The annual harvest is due to the different temperatures, The color will be slightly different, Such a rare and special, It is very attractive to me, I think the more is not the color of the hemp, The more able to see its level. Rain and linen are thin and thick three thickness, Most people choose the thickness of the pound weave, But give up the thin material I feel so pity, It is recommended to make a large amount of skirt pants style. Use wrinkles and loose to avoid the fear of transparency, Although with a large amount of cloth, Walking with the pace of light with the pace of random swing, Is the general fabric can not achieve the expected feeling, Only in the indoor fan blowing, Skirt can be light flying, I think the best choice for the production of skirt pants. Thin section slightly through, you can refer to the sun with the indoor shooting color. It is recommended to take a white or small pants under the skin, you can accept and then orders. Size: waist elastic band, 26 ~ 35 inches if there are other sizes please ask the message! Hip balance 83cm thigh flat 48.5cm pants wide 48.5cm crotch 36cm Skirt pants about 80 ~ 82cm (change the free but need to pay attention to notice) on both sides of the pocket. 【Material】: natural pure linen material is not dyed thin rain show Ma 【Use and maintenance methods】: cold water hand wash, if there is no dirty sweat stains slightly over the water using a little bit of neutral lotion soak 30 minutes after cleaning can be. Dehydration not more than three minutes, the back of the dry hand dry after the dry. Because the material natural material, after the water will shrink about 3% of the normal, so please consider the size of the discretion. 【Designer and brand introduction】 Living in Taipei more than thirty years, For the sensitivity of fashion from primary school began to contact, At that time the dream is when a fashion designer, The results contrary to their own ideals to read the statistical mathematics. 2013 resigned from the stable work followed by Mr. back to his hometown Ilan life, Regain the enthusiasm for the dress and sewing, In the case of semi-self-study stumbled to explore their own, Sewing skills far less than a graduate graduate, But for the popular sensitivity and the selection of fabric fabrics are all my enthusiasm. Hope to simple design, The most natural and most comfortable clothing to everyone. ◐◑ important words ◐◑ We will use the recycled pages inside the magazine Or the second use of clean transparent plastic clothes bag to wrap Hope you can support our practice Reduce the unnecessary use of plastic and packaging unnecessary waste! Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan handmade


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