Bread flower thick cotton cloth mask storage bag

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Most are hot-selling collection fabrics, while stocks last! In order to get the best area, the picture taken when the fabric is cut may not be the same. If the color of the button is just used, other colors will be used.


Bread flower thick cotton cloth mask storage bag


【Commodity Design Features】 **Table cloth**:**Bread flower thick cotton fabric**, if there is a little bit of cloth on the surface, it is cotton seed shell, not dirty! **Most of them are sewed on hot collection fabrics**,**Sold out while sold out**. In order to facilitate cleaning and disinfection, glue-containing linings are not used. ※ In order to get the best area, the pictures taken when cutting the fabric may not be the same. The food bag inventory flow is fast. If the color of the button is just used, other colors will be used. If you mind, please purchase carefully! **Opening**:**Upper folding cover opening**,**two pressing buckles can be fully opened or one buckle can be selected according to the usage status**; The pressing buckle is not afraid of washing and rusting, and it is more convenient to use. **Neli**: **Non-bleaching dyed original embryo cotton canvas**, easy to clean and dry! **Recommendation for use**: You can bring a mask you can use with you, or store all the masks you can buy every two weeks. In addition, it can also be used to carry sanitary napkins or bills, stationery, tableware, and other articles. **No problem with 10 masks**! **Pray that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible**,**Everyone is safe and healthy**! ! 【Materials and cleaning】 Pure cotton cloth, cotton linen, ancient cloth, waterproof cloth, American food-grade waterproof food cloth ... according to the description and selected items in the text It can be gently hand-washed with neutral lotion or house soap, and can be ironed (need to avoid the buckle; waterproof inner lining needs low-temperature ironing). 【size】 Flat volume: the diameter of the bag body is about 21 × 11cm (the error is about 1 ~ 2cm) 【Flower Rabbit Handmade ♡ Original intention and Xiao Ding 咛】 1.**Huatu Handmade**is a pure hand-made brand created to commemorate the designer ’s rabbit angel.**The Passing of Love**is the original intention of Huatu Handmade to start selling hand-made works. 2.**At present, the sales revenue is used for the feeding and rescue of Huatu personally by the rabbits**,**hope that the power of small bean seedlings can make the world a better place**~ 3.**Hand-knitting and sewing with one needle and one thread**, there may be some imperfections,**best area is taken when the fabric is cut**,**drawing will also be different**. 4.**Everyone's screen settings are different**, so the actual product and the screen display,**may have slight color differences**. 5. Made by hand,**For color and workmanship requirements such as perfectionists**,**Please think twice before buying**. 6.**order to protect the package from being stressed for a long time due to the weekly rest**,**Mail packages will not be sent on Friday**. 7.**Saturday and Sunday are family day and material purchase processing order date**,**Not shipped**(except special orders),**message will be returned when available**. 8.**Non-full-time does not accept the super urgent order**, if there is a specified time limit for the arrival date, please confirm by private message before placing the order, do not directly specify the order, no reasonable meeting will be possible. 9.**Not online for 24 hours**, please contact us if you have any questions, be patient, Huatu will reply and deal with it as soon as possible!


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