Snowflake series of bilateral business card holder - milk tea brown

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Soft fillet with magnetic clasp opening and closing design, each small detail is to show the place of texture, business


Snowflake series of bilateral business card holder - milk tea brown


Soft fillet with magnetic clasp opening and closing design, each small detail is to show the place of texture, business card holder not only put the card of the goods, but also reveal personal taste portable accessories. Both boys and girls are fit, while you can put seven or so business cards, you can also put the card pocket leisurely Oh!

This series of leather surface patterns vary, so each looks looks are also slightly different, and the amount of only one piece of leather, can do limited, sold out without.
Italian imports of vegetable tanned leather touch feel really good, a little bit of fog on the surface so that the overall texture of a low profile and good type, so the style of the product is more simple and more revealing the texture of leather!

Size: W10.5xH6.8xD1.5 cm (on the side you can put seven or so business cards)
Material: Italian imports of vegetable tanned leather

**Please pay attention before buying**
Leather we use most of vegetable tanned leather, leather surface so there was a little flaw is normal, there is a common flaw**moth**- when cattle are grown insect bites,**mark or scar**- deeper or larger scars will be out to avoid the production of goods, small is not,**growth pattern**- cattle are fat, thin lines will produce, just like humans stretch marks,**water marks**- - tanned leather traces of the process; if you do not mind the number of goods on the slight flaws, and will be touched by the user's hand to make the color deeper, very welcome to buy, in addition, because each computer The color is a little color, if you have any questions about the color, please contact the designer, thank you!

**Lettering service**
Lettering service for 12 characters free of charge, more than 12 characters plus 30 yuan, English letters only uppercase, letter size 2mm, the number of sizes 3mm, the goods can not be restored after lettering, it does not accept the return, in addition, because Is manual alignment so will not be too straight, as shown below

**Maintenance methods**
1. If you encounter water as soon as possible with cotton cloth to dry the water, and placed in the shade dry shade, please avoid exposure to the sun.
2. Under normal use, there is no need to wipe the care oil. If it is not used for a long time, you should wipe the care oil. Please use transparent shoe polish or mink oil to maintain the leather surface. Do not use lyrical milk to clean it, which may damage the leather surface.
3. Regular use will make leather more and more shiny, darker colors, these are normal Oh!
4. The use of vegetable tanned leather dyed goods, although the surface has been treated to protect the color does not fall off, but still may be due to humidity, temperature and other environmental effects of dyed to other things, more likely to be dyed like a cushion type, rubber Products.

**About Angeline Leather Canvas Studio**
Bright colors, simple composition, daily use it will be very happy product, and this is our insistence on the idea. Every day we work with enthusiasm, hoping to make closer to life, more practical products, allowing everyone to take a walk every day, with their own taste.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade


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