Sucker meat (hand) small potted

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Sucker meat (hand) small potted


Everyone has a seed in his heart Green shadow, thick leaves From east to west, north to south, For life kept busy, In order to love the heart, and look forward to the future, struggling with the struggle, Although the seeds are always sprouting in the dark But has been brewing in the hearts of the power, will create a miracle. So I think, if the pots become smaller, planted seeds, Can be in any corner of the earth, Issued a budding force, Outdoor, interior, wall, corner, Grow robust until germination! Hope this small potted plants, like the seeds of everyone's heart, No matter how old, no matter where, Have a little place to make it grow up! I want to use this way to create a fleshy small potted plants have a place where they can germinate, need to take it with the owner to find and place, I believe that everyone placed the place, are their own heart that Seeds want to put the location, let small pots grow up! · Characteristics of the work With a sucker way to fix small potted plants, so that meat plants can be in any place, office desk, desk, kitchen wall, window glass and so on. · Size, weight / use material / can you change or change parts: 1. Size: irregular, roughly less than 5cm 2. Weight: very light 3. Use of materials: Earth's soil + resin material 4. Can be customized Note: Do not adsorb in the place has been rain (no one has been trying to rain, especially after the umbrella) Because each is a hand, so every detail with the lines will be less than the same cracks This is the temperature of the hand, the production time requires 14 days of working days (excluding holidays) Maintenance method: that is, one day it grows up, would like to change the location of the larger, the auxiliary part of the stickers have been posted. After the paste to clean and then re-use Origin / manufacturing method Earth's soil + resin material (Made in Taiwan)