Take a Note 2019 MINI aging log

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●Good Design Award 2017 Award ●Log for Taiwanese users ●Two-day one-time timeline + mini weekly calendar exclusive design ●A6 size


Take a Note 2019 MINI aging log


**Pre-order time: 9/30-10/28**
**Estimated shipment: 11/7 (if it is completed early, it will be shipped in advance)**

__**PINKOI Pre-order Limited Edition**__
*****10.8 update, the gift has been given.*****
*****[10.8 Orders after 12:00] will no longer be accompanied by gifts.*****

**Take a Note Bachuan paper white ink notebook**
Number of pages: 48 pages
Size: A6
*limited quantity available.

__**MINI aging log + book clothing discount group pre-order**__



__**01 Take a Note Features**__

**The purest beauty of paper**
The cover of the log uses elemental paper from Japan's bamboo tail paper, saturated color and temperature-sensitive touch, making elemental paper widely loved by all walks of life. The cover of the 2019 aging log is vintage brown (twilight), a brown tone with a nostalgic atmosphere of old photographs, showing a grayish or olive-green color under light.

**Insist on providing a great writing experience**
Bachuan paper from Japan is suitable for pens, dip pens, color pencils, etc. It has the advantages of not fainting ink, bright colors, smooth writing and light weight, making Bachuan paper the preferred inner page for Take a Note log.

**180 degree flattening**
The 2019 log is bound in a bare-back hardcover, ensuring that the log can be easily flattened 180 degrees.


__**02 Take a Note Original Design**__

**Two-day page + straight timeline**
Just the right space, keep enough space to record daily trips, and less pressure to fill the page.

**Horizontal mini calendar**
Record the important itinerary in the mini-weekly calendar again, and preview the work of this week. With the mini-calendar above, it is a weapon to arrange the trip.

**Page flip between the monthly plan and the weekly plan**
Each week of the monthly plan plus the corresponding weekly plan page number, each page of the log also has a page number design, in addition to being able to quickly flip to the corresponding date, the user can use the bullet note method to make an index in any blank space of the log. It is easy to summarize the notes of the same project.


__**03 page design**__
A variety of internal page formats, flexible according to your preferences.

**● Calendar and Yearly Plan Calendar and Yearly Plan ●**

**The calendar covers September 2018 to April 2020**
Across the 17-month calendar, it is convenient to arrange an annual trip.

**Annual plan Gantt chart for various usages**
Gantt's annual plan can show the whole year's holidays, work days, favorite exhibitions, as well as record sports time or flexible holiday, to meet various arrangements.


**● Monthly plan Monthly Plan ●**

**a total of 16 months of monthly planning**
The monthly plan is from December 2018 to March 2020, making it easy to arrange an annual trip.

**Large square note space**
The monthly plan is designed as a square note, allowing the user to decide how to use it.
Write down the important itinerary or work this week with the note space on the left side of the week.

**Workdays and holidays are separated by different color systems**
National holidays and weekends use holiday colors and workdays

**Page number corresponding to the weekly plan**
The page number marked on the right side of each month of the month plan can be used for the weekly plan of the week, so that it is easy to find and read.


**● Weekly Plane Plan ●**

**Original "two-day one-page straight timeline + mini weekly calendar" format**
Provides plenty of writing space and is convenient for both front and back.

**3mm practical square and detailed lines that reduce visual interference**
Set the square size that is suitable for writing and draw with a detailed dotted line.
Reduce the coloring concentration during the noon break, without disturbing the vision, and easily identify the scheduled trips in the morning and afternoon.

**24-hour telescopic timeline**
Telescopic timeline design: covers the period from 6 am to 12 am, and the remaining six hours can be recorded in the blank square below the timeline.
A 30-minute scale: you can plan a trip that is as thin as half an hour.
Timeline for flexible use: You can separate the left and right sides in a straight line, which can distinguish between work and private trips, or work and to-do items.
Reminder of rest time: One hour of light color filling at noon reminds you to take a moderate rest.

**Mini Calendar + Mini Calendar**
The combination of mini calendar and weekly calendar designed on the first page of the weekly plan is convenient for the upper and lower control strokes, the design of the mini weekly calendar, and the important arrangements of this week. If you do not use the mini weekly calendar, the practical square can also be used as a note. use.

**Solar terms, lunar calendar and national holidays**
Holiday information outside the date is marked in the upper right corner of the daily plan and is easy to understand.


**● Note page Note ●**
The solid line is divided into four quadrants to facilitate the prioritization of work.
3mm dotted squares for easy line alignment.


__**04 Specifications**__
Size A6 (10.5 x 14.8 x 1.3cm)
Weighs about 150 grams
Page 256 pages
Use the paper TomoeRiver 68gsm white Bachuan paper to write pens.
Content welcome page 1p
Annual calendar 1p
Year Plan 1p [2019.01-2019.12]
Monthly plan 32p [2018.12-2020.03]
Week plan 212p [2019.01-2019.12]
Square note page 6p
North High MRT 2p
Personal information page 1p
Gift transparent PVC book cover


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