Octopus octopus burning octopus burning fish plate / octopus series envelopes

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choutiiii ショップへ

Octopus octopus burning octopus burning fish plate / octopus series envelopes


(1) Octopus octopus burns octopus octopus bonito

A while ago, I was fascinated by the elf game (I wonder if you played it or not). When I was doing the mobile phone shell, I was totally inactive. When I was playing the game, I suddenly thought that something in the game was very much like a wall. Wall) In short, it looks like that hole in the back of a mobile phone looks like!

Therefore, based on the concept of the game and the walls, the wall was changed. Here, a word-searching game in English that was played in childhood and appeared in newspapers was used to secretly place CHOUTI inside. , I hope that by the concept of games, let the mobile phone shell add a little fun, let him not just mobile phone shell

In the role part is to use everyone's favorite, I also like the octopus and octopus burning instead, hey!

The game is such that the octopus is going to eat octopus, but the octopus is going to eat the fish plate and can't be eaten by the octopus. I just imagined this playing up screen and I already felt that I was laughing out.

That alphabet game is like this


Light up one by one~~

(2) The front of the envelope


Looking at the part of the letters in many letters, I always thought: "To make paper products so that everyone can find CHOUTI in a colorful way is definitely awesome" than if I could find CHOUTI in my head, if I could pick up a pen Draw him, it must be awesome

So the envelope was made up. It was a small gift that would be sent to buy a mobile phone shell, but there was an additional single sale (that is, you now see this ~).

When I was making the Oden series, I actually wanted to make envelopes. It was the first time I had an idea for an envelope, but I didn't do it successfully. After I got the finished product, I also liked it very much. I hope everyone can bring it home. Enjoy this sense of fun (laughs)

(3) 💌 The back of the envelope


At the time of opening the store, he had already introduced this story to many guests. Every time he spoke about this part, he was particularly resonating with the guests and strongly nodded. “The right!! This place is really difficult to break!! !"

I said to the guest: "One day I finally broke into the cricket, and then two crickets, and then to the pimple, suddenly found in the loading, the elf was actually stretched, the first time I saw this picture really too Funny, I thought I must draw it down. I painted it on the back of the envelope. I thought so."

However, the first time I saw the elves' elongated screen was only for laughter, I completely forgot to take screenshots. Later, because I wanted to take screenshots to show you that screen, I had to play a few hours of games before I could break it.


So the octopus was pulled up by the octopus on the back of the envelope. The octopus that was covered in the envelope was made of blue eyes unique to the game. Let him look down and put the octopus at the bottom. For the fish plate to eat, why is pink and blue-green ~ this is the color of this octopus ~~~~~

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(4) 信封 Envelope format

One pack of 10

🍥 120g white kraft paper
🍥20x14 cm

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