Calendula three-effect cleansing oil

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The unloading, washing, and maintenance of three-in-one high-linoleic acid cleansing oil can be used as a make-up remove


Calendula three-effect cleansing oil


This unloading, washing, and maintenance of three-in-one high-linoleic acid cleansing oil, can be used as a make-up remover, but also rich in vitamins moisturizing saints. Combines a variety of vegetable oils and powerful herbaceous plant ingredients to remove dirt and excess oils and balance oil secretion with a high synergistic effect of high linoleic acid's light texture. As a maintenance oil, it can repair and treat various skin types, sensitive muscles and zygomatic muscles. Especially benefited.

Contains a variety of plant active ingredients to exert anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-microbial effects, and effectively tighten, brighten and nourish the skin. The high concentration of phytonutrients contained in vanilla plants can restore skin's natural healing power, help replenish water and lock in moisture, and strengthen skin's natural protective barrier. Easily remove foundation, mascara, eyeliner and other make-up, leave no residue after use, no more skin irritation or redness.

Persist in not using "natural sources" of compound to charge, only selected plant formulas to achieve the best effect:
Sunflower Oil: Cleans pores, regulates acne, tightens skin, balances oil secretion, and powerfully nourishes.
Jojoba Oil: Cleans pores, strengthens moisture, regulates acne, balances oil secretion, tightens, softens, and protects skin.

Calendula: Conditioning acne, reducing redness, soothing, calming skin.
Red peony: calm, soft skin, reduce redness, and promote repair.
Medicinal hollyhock root: conditioning, whitening, soft skin, help replenishment.
Elderberry: Detoxifies, brightens, tightens skin, promotes collagen, and increases elasticity.
Tartary Buckwheat Leaves: Balancing oils, conditioning acne, firming and conditioning skin problems.
Aster: Detoxifies, soothes, firmes and brightens skin.
Astragalus: calm, soothing, plumping and protecting the skin.
Fennel seed: Conditioning acne, soothing, brightening, and protecting skin.
Flourishing: Reduce fine lines, brighten skin, protect skin, and repair cells.
Ginkgo Biloba: bright white, firm skin, reduce redness, promote blood circulation.
Hawthorn Fruit: Helps collagen to form, firm, brighten, and protect skin.
Green Tea: Improves collagen, tightens, protects, and brightens skin.

Josh Rosebrook's three brands insist that you feel comfortable using the experience of top healing:

First, the natural anti-corrosion mechanism (because the product contains water, organic aloe and vegetable oil, it must be effective anti-corrosion mechanism): Only potassium sorbate can be easily metabolized and biodegradable by the human body, plus the moisture in the product contains organic plant vitamins and anti-resistance. Oxides can strongly inhibit product deterioration and extend the service life. This is the most effective, non-toxic and extensive anti-corrosion mechanism to ensure product safety and quality stability.

Second, without any animal experiments.

Third, no added controversial ingredients: Although some components have not been banned from use, they have been found to be harmful to the human body, including sulfates, parabens, synthetic essences, artificial colors, alfalfa, petrochemical products, and genetically modified crops, etc., and Josh Rosebrook has always refused to accept them. .

Make-up Remover: Take at least 10 pounds to massage the entire face, then wipe dry with Toray's Extreme Cleansing Cloth.
Maintenance and moisturizing: first spray the entire face with "evening primrose sea buckthorn culvert water dew," wet state, take about 4 pounds on the face and neck massage until absorbed, and then press the wipe into the essence is better. Do not use oil alone.

【Storage Period】: 18 months. Please use it as soon as possible after opening.

【Capacity】: 60ml


*Olive Oil,*Hemp Seed Oil,*Jojoba Oil,*Sunflower Oil,*Grape Seed Oil,*Sesame Oil,*Apricot Oil,*Almond Oil,*Calendula,*Slippery Elm,*Marshmallow Root,*Bilberry,*Neem ,*Alfalfa,*Skullcap,*Fennel,*Chickweed,*Ginkgo,*Hawthorn Berry,*Green Tea, † Rosewood Essential Oil, † Damask Rose Essential Oil, † Rose Geranium Essential Oil.


1. Always store in a cool, dry place.
2. If you have any discomfort or allergies, stop or consult your physician.

【Origin】: United States.


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