✦ Thanksgiving Bouquet ✦ 5 Eternal Flowers Carnations Pink Dry Handle Bouquet / Thanksgiving Bouquet Gift Bouquet Wedding Bouquet

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✦ Thanksgiving Bouquet ✦ 5 Eternal Flowers Carnations Pink Dry Handle Bouquet / Thanksgiving Bouquet Gift Bouquet Wedding Bouquet


✦ Thanksgiving Bouquet ✦ 5 Eternal Flowers Carnation Pink Dry Handle Bouquet In this life important wedding day, Will be married to another family, In order to support the Thanksgiving parents, 憙 month flower room launched luxury version of eternal flower carnation big bouquet, The use of Japanese imports of eternal flowers carnations, With the French white plum, Spain imported wood stars and dry white stars, Packaging with imported Korean waterproof packaging paper, Best suited to express gratitude to parents! Goods with gift box packaging, but also for gifts Oh. ★ about not withering ★ Not withered in Taiwan, also known as stellar flowers or eternal flowers, In 1991 in France R & D and production, In recent years in Europe and the United States and Japan and other places popular. In the flowers in full bloom when the most beautiful processing, without water to take care can put 1 year ~ 2 years. In the appropriate environment to save well even more than five years will not fade. The use of organic dyes, so you can stain the flowers do not have a special color. After processing the flowers are pest control technology, no pollen. There will not be pollen or fragrance allergy problems. Not withered because of temperature and humidity time, Slowly change the color or state, you can feel the charm and change without withered. Not save the way: * No withered flowers still have the same texture and flowers, touch easily lead to damage to the petals. * Must avoid high temperature and humidity environment, and direct sunlight. Do not water! * May rainy season or found that flowers can be changed when the immersion can not be placed near the dehumidifier and dehumidification, Or placed in a breathable transparent box or bag to save, do not touch the moisture can extend the life of not withering. * In case of dust, please do not hand to dial or friction, You can gently wipe the soft paper dust, or gently blow off the air with a blower. * Moisturized environment can cause petals to be stained. Be careful not to touch clothes or walls. According to the study of the most suitable for storage does not fall in the environment, humidity of about 30-50%, the temperature of about 18-25 degrees. Long time "on the extreme high temperature (30 degrees above) extreme high humidity (80%) environment, Do not wipe the preservation of liquid like human sweat out of the same, the stain will bleed from the stomata. Dye bleach will cause fade color, color will fade. Long time "on the extreme dry environment (humidity below 20%), It is like our human skin, will become dry, peeling, dry. According to the time of placement, temperature, humidity will not slowly change the color, Can go to experience the immortality is not one of her characteristics. ★ commodity size ★ Ingredients: Japan imported Yonghua flower carnations, imported wood stars, the French white plum, white stars flowers Height about 30cm width of about 25cm (including packaging) (Please pay attention to the size of the purchase before you Oh) Korean imports of wrapping paper texture is very beautiful Carton Size: 28x37xH19 cm ★ About shipping ★ Buy two or more please choose home or mail Oh ★ purchase notes ★ * Photos are real shooting, but because of hand-made and floral form, can not guarantee that the goods exactly the same Oh * Some of the goods for the fresh flowers by the natural dried dry flowers, flowers with the time of natural fading weather is normal phenomenon Oh! * If the stock is out of stock, in the color and style of the same situation will be designed for you with the appropriate flowers. * Please put in dry and ventilated environment, avoid direct sunlight! * The sending process will inevitably be a slight drop in the normal situation, but will try to do the protection of the action. * If the baby received any problems with the goods, I hope not to rush to give bad reviews, contact us as soon as possible for you to deal with. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan handmade