Tan Carpenter _ half a companion _ temperament bear plaid wood comb

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Handmade wooden combs. Material: beef tendon, water yellow box



Tan Carpenter _ half a companion _ temperament bear plaid wood comb


https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1899/42753895540_fdab9a2e21_b.jpg **—Product information INFORMATION—** **| Product Name |**[ Tan Carpenter] Half a companion / temperament bear wood comb **|Material |**Beastwood, Water Boxwood **|Specifications |**Comb H127XW35X7 mm/comb 1.2x1.3x22 mm **|Remarks|**This product is hand-made, non-mechanized and uniform, each piece has slight error, and the error range is within the scope of qualified quality inspection standards. **- Design concept CONCEPT -** https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1898/29624864677_5f45c93811_b.jpg The fate is very wonderful, sometimes connecting similar people, sometimes holding people who are different. In the sea of people, I am fortunate to know you. We all have styles, but we have the most suitable friendship. I appreciate your energy, you like my silence, when the two together, it is like a puzzle, the two are the perfect whole. Turning love into a token, we are half of one person and continue to be happy. **- like you - temperament bear HELLO FRIENDS -** https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1880/44563115681_f3f865a64e_b.jpg Temperament Xiong Yingyu is extraordinary, full of energy every day, and has a different attitude than ordinary people. **- Production process HOW IT MADE -** https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1844/44513545122_463a72db14_b.jpg **Lacquer**using traditional craft painted with lacquer paint, vivid. **Splicing process**adopts the vertical stitching process of book back and comb texture and is durable. **- Material Description MATERIAL -** https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1865/43844637064_0e93a1a8aa_b.jpg **|牛筋木|** Slightly white or taupe; straight texture, very fine structure, uniform, heavy, very hard, high strength. **|水黄杨|** The water boxwood wood is light yellow, tough texture, fine texture and moderate hardness. It is widely used in the process of making. **- Wood properties - WOOD PROPERTIES -** https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1848/43844637314_77bd3b22f5_b.jpg Natural wood has textures and holes, which are channels for transporting nutrients, and obvious holes are often mistaken for scratches. Natural wood has a certain degree of chromatic aberration due to different materials, which is a normal phenomenon, which is one of the methods to identify natural logs and synthetic wood. In order to prolong the service life of the wooden comb, most of the current wooden combs adopt the vertical stitching process of the back of the book and the texture of the comb teeth, which effectively reduces the lateral or longitudinal fracture. **—Maintenance instructions PRODUCT CARE—** . Natural materials are made of fiber. During the cleaning process, do not immerse the product in water for a long time to avoid the phenomenon of dyeing caused by mineral precipitation. Gently brush with a soft brush and wash it off with a towel. . Take care to avoid falling and damaging the product finish. High temperature and strong light will make the wood and paint surface stretch, which may cause small cracks and affect the appearance of the comb. . Avoid rubbing against hard objects in the bag or handbag and scratching the paint. **—Blessings WHISHES—** https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1848/44563114221_4615815567_b.jpg **|Life |**Daily combing, one inch and one comb, dredge troubles, tangled and comfortable. **| Blessing |**Comb is also known as Shunfa, and it is a blessing to send the comb to the wishfulness. **|Health |**Comb the head while massaging the head, stimulating the acupuncture points and relieving the fatigue of the day. **| Friendship |**Comb happy, friendship is long. **| Love |**Comb represents Acacia, and it also expresses the thoughts of lovers. **| Family |**Busy and occasionally return home, bring a meticulous and practical wooden comb to the family, and comb the distance from the family. **—Design team BIAUGUST DESIGN—** https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1872/44563115781_2286a7562d_b.jpg "Two August" not only provides diversified design services, but also provides a provider of life experience and life philosophy. It participates in the cooperation and development of many brand products at home and abroad, providing - "Life and Touch" due to the existence of design The atmosphere of the collection. **—Tan Carpenter TANMUJIANG—** https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1867/44513543872_d4bfbd02c0_b.jpg Tan Carpenter, founded in 1993. Always dedicated to the wood comb process, gathering workers who love wood, admire nature, delicate and focused, is now synonymous with the high quality wooden comb brand. Tan Carpenter inherits the craftsmanship of wooden combs that has been circulated for centuries. With the unique craftsman, he insists on more than forty traditional techniques, transforming the beauty of natural materials and the beauty of hand-made beauty into a comb and bringing it into modern life. With the traditional craftsmanship in hand, Tan Carpenter is also happy to learn new, flexible balance between ancient crafts and modern methods. From the finely crafted classical wooden combs to the simple and clever design styles, you can freely share young ideas and interpret the different aspects of wooden combs in modern times. As the brand grows stronger, Tan Carpenter always believes that goodness is the cornerstone of achievement and continues to be committed to social care. Among the nearly 1,000 employees, there are more than 300 disabled people. All partners are united and paying enthusiasm for wood. As a transmitter of culture and philosophy, Tan Carpenter brings the beauty of wooden comb into the world and the future. **- Brand Spirit SPIRITS -** Through the wooden comb to convey the connection between people, the combing and combing movements at the same time symbolize the emotional representation, like a silky long and thin tie. The centuries-old craftsmanship is simple and meticulous, and different emotions are expressed through wooden combs. Turn the daily grooming into a miss or thank you. The natural wood inherits the craftsmanship as the communication language, infused with the heart, and spreads in every hand. /Overseas Shipping Notes/ ★ Due to regulatory relations in mainland China, in addition to personal items can be sent to the personal address, the rest of the goods can only be the company or school office, please confirm the receiving location, the company can re-order. / Origin / manufacturing methods / Handmade in mainland China


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