Royal Albert British Country Rose 22k gold with gold, cold water bottle, vase

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Royal Albert British Country Rose 22K gold, cold water bottle, vase



Royal Albert British Country Rose 22k gold with gold, cold water bottle, vase


♥~ Brand: Royal Albert ♥~Material: Bone China ♥~ Origin: England (non-Southeast Asian factory) ♥~Year: 1962 ♥~ Size: height 16cm wide with handle 17cm hand diameter 12cm ♥~Details: Royal Albert, Royal Albert English country old town rose pattern vase, cold kettle Banquet, special festival, various festivals, a beautiful bottle of flowers at home Let the living home have a lively atmosphere and floral fragrance~ Or as a cold kettle, juice jug, cutlery bucket ~ very practical home goods The product is complete, the new 22k gold is partially complete. It is made in non-Southeast Asian factories. This rustic rose collection is well known and loved by the British. The British factory has been moved to the factory in December 2002. There is no production line in the UK. Therefore, the new products in Taiwan and the market are all in Southeast Asia, and the color and rose pattern are slightly different. So collectors who like the old town rose will look for original British products. Since 1962, there have been more than a thousand series of products. Classical and elegant composition and 22K edge gold are the noble darlings of British high consumption. The product is complete, the new 22k gold is partially complete. There are other series of Royal Albert related products 喔^^~ ♥~Good news~ Fans of "Anny Crazy Antiquities" Let's share the fun of collecting antiquities with good friends~ Welcome to join "Anny Crazy Antiquities" Become one of the members of antiquities treasure hunt ^^^~ ♥~ Brand Story: Royal Albert is the favorite brand of Princess Diana in the UK. It was merged with the Wedgwood Group in 2005 and became one of its many brands. WWRD (Wedgwood Royal Doulton Holdings Limited) Holding Company A global leader in luxury home and lifestyle products. And sells products worldwide under the following famous brands, including Wedgwood, Waterford, Royal Doulton, Royal Albert, Minton and Johnson Brothers If you want to merge and buy goods from other stores, please let me know which merchandise items are to be merged. I will calculate the freight cost for you and return 10% of the total freight charges to the buyer. Thank you! Photographed goods are inevitably colored. Antique full-hand or semi-manual appliances are perfect for non-modern machine-molded goods. There are many traces of the use of the years. But the fascinating place of antiquities is also the impossibility of modern machine-molded goods. Please read the product picture, description and "About me" before the subscript. For buyers who have perfect requirements for the goods, please carefully consider before subscripting. I am happy to answer any questions about the goods. Thank you for visitong me here and hope you enjoy your shopping here ♥~Annie Shih~♥


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