Small cactus yellow green personal waterproof storage picnic cushion

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. Can be quickly stored into a small bag for easy carrying! . Ultra lightweight! Weighing only 45g! . Anti-dirty and ant



Small cactus yellow green personal waterproof storage picnic cushion


**Those outdoor hours that accompany the children** On an ordinary day, when picking up and dropping off children in the evening, sometimes they will make a whim, take them to the park to go running, go to the grass to sunbathe, sit on the outdoor steps and talk about what happened in today’s school, or Driving to the beach very quickly is just a glimpse of the beauty of the setting sun. Busy city life, occasionally need a little surprise, can make children have different experiences, although it is a short companion, it is a great satisfaction for children! It is a pity that sometimes, as a mommy, it really bothers the idea that outdoor activities can stain clothes or pants, but it reduces the chances of children experiencing life. "Personal Retractable Picnic Cushion" is a good helper born out of this idea. Mommy can rest assured that the child can experience it outdoors without worrying too much about hygiene or dirt! At the same time, it is suitable for various occasions. The beach, concrete steps, green grass and wooden chairs of the big park can also be used as protection cushions for the children's seat of the store. **Mini size and easy to carry** ▲ Mini size, very lightweight! Put it in your carry-on bag and use it whenever you want! ▲ Click on the video to see how convenient it is to store! **Versatile for all occasions** ▲ I don't want to go to the small park for a small picnic. It's fine. I don't want to be dirty on the grass. ▲ Sometimes I worry that the outdoor wooden chair will be wet or dirty and will stain the pants. With a personal picnic cushion, there is no problem! ▲ The ladder is also a place to sit down often. It is more comfortable to sit in the cotton. ▲ It is also very convenient to use on the beach or on the beach. The double-sided waterproof is not afraid of getting wet. ▲ It is also suitable as a chair back cushion for the store cart! **Can be used with different suits** ▲ A variety of uses, in fact, is also very suitable for adults, because of the small size, outdoor concerts, travel abroad, wild out are very suitable, is a good props! ▲ A variety of colors can be matched with each other! **Taiwan-made certified waterproof fabric is safe and non-toxic** ▲ The fabric has passed the Swiss inspection and does not contain harmful substances such as azo dyes, lead and nickel. ▲ Small storage bags can be placed in the bag at any time! Weighs only about 56g ▲ After the picnic cushions are fully deployed. **[personal storage picnic cushion size]** **After expansion** **Storage bag (integrally formed)** **[Storage method]** **〔 Product specifications〕** . Material: Polyester POLYESTER . Place of Origin: MADE IN TAIWAN Made in Taiwan . Weight: about 56g **[Intimate reminder]** . Product size measurement: Each piece of work is due to the elasticity of the fabric and the way it is made. The error in manual measurement is within the range of 2cm~3cm. . Product color difference: Because the display of each computer is different, the color of the picture presented is different. We try to present the true color of the product and minimize the color difference.


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