[Anniversary free transport. Buy pots to send plants] love meaty cement pot @JU meat

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Love rendering concrete pots, can be used as Valentine's Day gifts / exchange gifts / birthday gifts / Mother's Day gifts / graduation ceremony / opening ceremony / wedding lottery / bridesmaid / 闺 礼 / office decoration ... etc., best gift select!


[Anniversary free transport. Buy pots to send plants] love meaty cement pot @JU meat


__:: Life::__ The road of life has been disturbed, but it has been more colorful. Through family, friendship, love, and career, we are working hard every day. To ‧ even if you are looking for it, you must find your heart. Go ‧ Take the courage to take the first step of your dreams. ‧ Taste the variety of tastes that have failed or achieved. True ‧ You / 妳 is unique in the universe. __:: Mud Specifications::__ Ingredients / special cement Color / gray & white rendering Size / widest point 9 x height 5 (cm) Processing / pelvic floor with 1 drain hole Basin hole / suitable for 1~2 pots, or group 1~3 pots Origin / Taiwan, handmade __:: Plant Matching::__ Buy pots and give 2~3 plants of 1 potted plants. We will match you with the appropriate succulents (or cactus). The variety will be adjusted according to the season or the breeding situation. Please forgive me. Since plants are donated, there are no plant prices that are the same. __:: Content::__ If you choose the attached plant, you need to plant it yourself. The following is the bonus content: ✔ basin ✔ small net 2 2~3 plants (including plastic pots with soil) ✔ Multi-grain special soil ✔ surface decorative stone ✔ decorative small flag 种植 Planting Teaching & Plant Care Card ※If you choose "pure basin" without plants, there will only be one pot and a small net. ※If you choose the "pots + accessories" without plants, there will be pots, small nets, fleshy soil, surface decorative stones, decorative small flags, decorative small animals, planting teaching & plant care cards. Plus gift tote bag: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/KCwkXRxq __:: Must read before placing an order::__ – The production time is about 2~5 days. If you have an urgent need or want to order more, please be sure to confirm with us first! – Due to hand-made, there are irregular marks, stomata and slight chromatic aberration in the corners. As long as it does not affect the use, the perfectionist should not place an order. – Super-commercial delivery will cause the package to be dumped and stacked. If the basin is damaged, please take a photo and respond to us as soon as possible, and it will be handled immediately. – We will try our best to provide perfect packaging protection for the goods. However, due to bumps on the road, there may be soil, stones falling out or the plants falling off and skewing. Please bear with me. – Since each country has different specifications for plant imports, please confirm whether there is quarantine control before ordering to avoid being returned by customs.