Lily of the valley earrings white three optional crochet soft flash effect pure silver ear hook ear clip ok

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"Lily of the valley" is woven with very thin wires and fine crochet hooks. There are three styles of earrings: 1 flower, 3 flowers, and 5 flowers. They can be purchased individually and can be freely matched. Each style is equipped with 925 sterling silver. Earhook, you can change the ear clip.


Lily of the valley earrings white three optional crochet soft flash effect pure silver ear hook ear clip ok


* Celebrate "Lily of the valley earrings" was promoted by pinko_hk on instagram on July 16th, order any style / color of lily of the valley earrings from now until July 31st, and enjoy a 5% discount. * Offer is over, thank you for your support. ************************************************** ************************ Rain flower series There is a kind of translucent, shiny, beautiful wire, which is covered with rainbow light refracted by the sun. It can be paired with cotton threads in countless colors. The woven flowers and leaves are like The plants in the sun after the rain are still hazy but still vivid in color. I call this the "Rain Flower" series. The "Rainbow Flower" series hopes to use crochet techniques to express the beautiful lines and posture of natural flowers and leaves as much as possible. In order to touch the various parts of the flower, including petals, flower cores, calyx, branches, leaves, roots and other characteristics, before making, I will refer to relevant materials and think and design step by step. Lily of the valley earrings Style: "Lily of the valley" earrings are available in 1 flower / 3 flowers / 5 flowers Ear Pins: With 925 sterling silver ear pins, changeable to ear clips. White Color Lily of the valley is woven with very thin wires and fine crochet hooks. Bell-shaped small flowers and sword-shaped leaves are woven from flower to flower, leaf to leaf, and stitch to stitch. It is about 1cm wide and the smallest blade is only 2.5cm. It is a very careful work. This product is made of pure white thread to weave the original suit of lily of the valley. Unique The branches and leaves contain hand-made iron wires, and each bunch of lily of the valley flowers and leaves may have different stretching angles. Aki adjusts different lily of the valley postures at will, which is the uniqueness of handcrafting. In this way, you can also adjust the flower shape you like. * When adjusting the angle by yourself, do not bend it too often to avoid breaking. * Aki focuses on the beauty of lines to adjust the shape of the flower, but he cannot ensure that the shape is exactly the same as the photo. Single Item Purchase This product is "single item purchase". Can be freely matched and make the following suggestions: How to order For example: I want "one flower" lily of the valley earrings (balanced wear method) = B. 1 flower of lily of the valley x 1 pair, please take quantity 1 _______________________________ I want "single one flower" + "single one flower" lily of the valley earrings (unbalanced wearing method) = A. 1 flower x 1 please take quantity 1 C. 3 flowers x 1 please take quantity 1 _______________________________ Color White Material French cotton embroidery thread, polyester thread, Czech glass beads, handmade iron thread Size 1 flower: about 2.5cm 3 flowers: about 3.5cm 5 flowers: about 5cm * Clips can be changed for each earring. * The size of each earring may be slightly different. This is the uniqueness of handmade, please understand. Item 1. "Lily of the valley" earrings (in the Silent Moment brand box) 2. Put in a special cardboard box for mailing, decorated with gift paper, and with brand name. * Gift paper styles are subject to change in color or source, please ask Aki to choose it for you. 3. The outermost layer is wrapped in a sealed tube / kraft paper with protective materials to ensure safe mailing. Choice of two packages 1. The box is covered with a piece of cotton / linen, which echoes the natural feeling of the flower. It is not only a matching piece, but also can be used as a small patchwork. 2. The commercial paper with illustrations of lily of the valley is very cute and beautiful, don't have a gift atmosphere. * Please choose a package, please tell me in the remarks column. Thank you. If not specified, Aki will pick it for you. Postage Hong Kong It will take about 2-3 days to arrive by Hongkong Post ordinary post. * If you need to send it by registered mail, please pay another HKD25, please go to the link below to supplement the postage. Macau and Taiwan Send by registered airmail of Hongkong Post, it takes about 4-10 days to arrive. Other countries Send by registered airmail of Hongkong Post, it takes about 7-24 days for delivery. * For additional postal services, please contact Aki. * We will not be responsible for any damage or loss during shipping. * Generally, ordering is subject to delivery within 7-21 days. If you need to advance or specify the date, please contact Aki. Maintenance of knitted works How to care the hand-crocheted works * Please remove the earrings when taking a bath. * Do not immerse in sea water and swimming pool water. * Please keep your hands clean and avoid sweat and stains. * It can be washed by hand, it is recommended to focus on washing, avoid soaking and pulling strongly. * If it gets wet during use, use a paper towel to lightly dry it. * Please avoid being hurt by sharp objects such as metal hooks and blades. * Glass beads, please avoid strong collision, squeezing and scratching. * Avoid contact with perfume, cosmetics and chemical products, and long-term exposure to air and sunlight can reduce discoloration. * For works made with handmade iron wire, do not twist too often. Tips Warm Reminder * Manually woven works cannot be made exactly the same as machine inverted molds. The placement angle and distance of flowers and leaves can be positioned according to the feel of the hand. The color distribution ratio of the gradient color wire cannot be specified. This is the subtlety and uniqueness of the hand made. * The color and texture of the shooting light and the computer display may be slightly different from the real thing. If you have any questions, please contact me, because I hope you can enjoy the most beautiful materials and hand-made works. * If some small accessories (eg buckle / circle ...) are out of stock or need to be adjusted slightly, the principle of not affecting the overall shape design is reserved. The designer reserves the right to adjust without notice. * If you need to change the color, size, small accessories, etc., please let me know or check in advance when you place the order. After the production is completed, there will be no changes. * Thank you for appreciating weaving accessories. 1. Mix Purple Lily Of The Valley Earrings 2. Pink Lily of the Valley Earrings 3. White White Lily Of The Valley Earrings 4. Light Purple Pink Lily of the Valley Earrings 5. Mix Yellow Yellow Lily Of The Valley Earrings 1. Lily of the valley necklace / necklace M Size 2. Lily of the valley necklace / necklace S Size 3. Lily of the valley brooch Mini / S / M / L Size 2. Lily of the valley brooch L Size gift box (with heart) 3. Lily of the valley brooch M Size (Special Edition) Read the design. Interview Lily of the valley-the flower that calls for happiness and its legend Origin Hong Kong handmade Handmade in Hong Kong / Silent Moment / by Aki


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