Cat small 啾啾 collar blue porcelain white flower with double-sided twisted brand free bell

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Cat and cat small collar style, Double-sided flip brand design, let you wear it all right and left. (This is a fixed size collar. Please discuss with the designer how to measure the size before ordering)


Cat small 啾啾 collar blue porcelain white flower with double-sided twisted brand free bell


product description: This design is especially for cats and cats who are not used to hanging collars. Because of the margin, the cats and cats don't like the knotted design on the chest and will damage the bite belt. Therefore, this model is specially developed for him! I hope that there are also cats and cats with the same personality in the family. We also love our products. We welcome you to come and buy them to help them tailor a cute collar. The inner buckle design can be fitted with a D-ring hanging charm/brand and other accessories. If there are other good ideas, we are also welcome to discuss the system. Customized orders: Please discuss the size with the designer before placing the order, otherwise the designer has the right to cancel the order. - Size: Width 1cm, currently 25cm max. (100% completely custom, it is recommended that the cat be customized again, because the body neck is fixed, the size of the ruler ring is not adjustable) (How to measure the neck circumference correctly, please use the cloth ruler or the rope, slightly attach the neck circumference, do not pull too tightly to the skin, tell the designer to stick the neck circumference, will pre-grab the space where two fingers can be placed The best wearing size; the hairy cat should be widened 1.5 cm or not, because the collar of 1cm width is easy to be eaten by long hair!) - Double-sided twisted leather film: English name can be printed, within 6 yards. More than 1 yard + 10 / word (please add another name to the letter / number area to place an order) The price of the product already contains the double-sided brand name. If you don't need it, please select the double-sided name tag without the double-sided name tag. - If you are booking, please choose the color and discuss the fabric inventory and size with the designer. Thank you for your cooperation!!! - Delivery: After the discussion, the order will be made, and it will take at least three working days. Do not pick up the urgent order, please forgive me! - Washable, metal hardware, dry with a clean cotton cloth or toilet paper and then dry. - Double-sided pad printing, only English name. - Designers have the right to change the product design and will be responsible for telling the discussion. [The design of the design of the museum includes after-sales maintenance services, designed to help the children to wear more and more matching parts, and not waste the earth resources to create excess garbage, so do not accept over-packaged gift requirements, if you follow I Like us, you are welcome to refer to the purchase! ]


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