MARLMARL Baby Bib Dolce Sweetheart Series (Little Pink)

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MARLMARL Japanese patented 360-degree smiling round bib



MARLMARL Baby Bib Dolce Sweetheart Series (Little Pink)


I want to bring more joy to the world’s babies and mothers. What a newborn baby is best at is drooling! Mothers will definitely prepare a lot of bibs for the baby? However, for a good baby, the position of the bib is easy to move. Although wearing a bib, but the saliva stains clothes, it will happen often! MARLMARL's bib is an unprecedented innovative round bib! Japanese stylist Takahashi Dao’s filming process for some women’s and children’s magazines, I often hear that my mother has been troubled by the fact that the bib does not receive the baby’s saliva. This led to the inspiration for designing a round bib and patented the design in Japan. The round shape is the characteristic of our bib, not only cute, but also has the powerful functionality not found in other bibs. Smile round 360-degree design, the bib can be rotated to any angle to receive 360 degrees of baby saliva! Even if it is stained by saliva, there is no need to replace it. Just a light turn will bring more convenience to the mothers. The sweetheart dolce collection combines design elements such as lace and bow, and features both decorative features. The velvet bow is the focus behind it, and it’s cute to rotate to the front! No matter which angle can add points to your baby's fashion index! Bring your baby to a party or go out to eat, you can use it as a decoration and clothing with a new feeling. The double-layer fabric is superimposed, in addition to the water-absorbing speed and dryness, it is also very breathable! No matter which season is suitable, it is the baby's best eating saliva towel! The cute striped gift box is matched with the intimate greeting card, which is also suitable for the gift of the moon, which is the best gift for newborn babies! The Japan Fiber Inspection Association has passed the inspection, and the quality is good for Mommy! Both cute and practical, Japanese magazines have introduced many interviews! Loved by celebrities at home and abroad, including Japanese actress Ebara Mile, Susanna (Yamamoto gauze), Taiwanese tribe guest barbaric king. Table cloth: cotton 100% / wrap: cotton 50% polyester 50% Neck size: about 27cm-30cm (MarlMarl intimately designed neck size comfortable to wear, to prevent saliva leakage.) Length: a: about 32.5cm in diameter (please see the size chart) Width: 10.5cm (please see the size chart) Recommended age: 0~2 years old (different due to different body types, please refer to product size) Washing method: It is recommended that the hand wash not be washed by the washing machine. This product does not contain embroidery Place of Origin: Japanese material, made in China Exporting country: Japan (tested by the Japan Fiber Inspection Association) Origin / manufacturing methods Japanese parts, made in China


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