September birth stone blue stone dark blue black agate black purification to avoid evil spirits bracelet

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September birth stone blue stone dark blue black agate black purification to avoid evil spirits bracelet


September birth stone blue stone dark blue black agate black purification to avoid evil spirits bracelet


**●青青石** Lapis lazuli, the birthstone in September, the stone of the body, It symbolizes the mysterious gems of the night sky, guards you, and guides the right direction to meet the future. Dark blue ore mixed with golden pyrite The beauty of the starry sky is regarded as a symbol of the sky from ancient times. In ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli was revered as a holy stone that could connect death and rebirth, and hide enormous power. It is used to prove the identity of Pharaoh, the royal family and the priest, and to become a proof of identity. In Europe, lapis lazuli is also considered to have the energy to avoid evil, and it is a gemstone suitable for wearing every day. The lapis lazuli corresponds to the "eyebrow" of the human body, commonly known as the third eye. Is a very spiritual ore, Its energy can enhance the energy of the mind and mind, and it is also very suitable for sitting and meditating. **●Black agate** The black onyx symbolizes perseverance and has been used as an evil spirit and amulet since ancient times, symbolizing friendly love and hope. It has the function of warding off evil, preventing the intrusion of negative energy, and escaping from the villain. The energy of the agate is meticulous and gentle, and it can have a calming effect, making people feel gentle and calm. Especially helpful for sleep, to avoid nightmares, long-term wear can make the skin smooth, and cheerful. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- **【product name】** Balance point 072__(this section comes with a thick zipper bag)__ **[Material]** Lapis lazuli black agate feels brass **[Size]**__(Please add more than 0.5~1 cm comfort range for the hand circumference, and add the total size to the selected size)__ 14.5 cm ☞ S 15.5 centimeters ☞ M 16.5 centimeters ☞ L **[Dimensional measurement see here]** Take a tape measure around your wrist for measurement, or use a thin line to measure. The measured size, according to the tightness of your preference, it is recommended to reserve 0.5~1 public to be comfortable to wear. **[about the product itself]** ●The size of each natural stone will be different. The length of the finished product will not be exactly the same as the size of the order. The error is within ±0.5 cm. ●The color and texture of each natural stone are unique, and the actual product cannot be exactly the same as the natural stone of the product. ●Because the size of the selected product is different, the arrangement of the finished products will be slightly adjusted according to the length. ●Customer other sizes, welcome to write to the designer. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- **[Usage and maintenance methods]** ● Long-term exposure to water, sweat, cosmetics, etc. will accelerate the fading and oxidation of gold plating and brass. ● It is not recommended to wear in bathing, swimming and hot spring areas. ●When not wearing, it is recommended to wipe with a soft dry cloth to remove moisture and dirt, and place it in a sealed bag or box to avoid contact with air. ● Brass can be wiped with copper oil to restore the original luster. Copper oil can be purchased in hardware. ● I like the natural retro style of brass in contact with the air, and it is not necessary to use copper oil, but it is recommended not to touch the water. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- **【Precautions】** ● Due to the different resolution of each computer screen, the products in the photos may produce a slight color difference. ●Please ask if there is any material to make before ordering. ●__does not accept product size problems or human problems and returns. If there are any problems, you must notify__within three days after receiving the goods. ●__related goods 瑕疵 when returning, the gift should be returned together, and the contents of the package are completely returned to__. ●__purchase is wrong due to personal size, the buyer must be sent back the modification, the buyer has to bear the return shipping, and only one free modification__.


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