Organic organic cotton sanitary napkin series

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But gradually this time, more and more girls are using and buying cotton napkins. It is also more and more acceptable fo


Organic organic cotton sanitary napkin series


The use of a cloth tampons on their own is the first attempt to use them after a travel contact in 2009, Because I am a beginner, I was a little scared and difficult for cleaning and for fear of leakage. Later, as long as tourism travels to the National Assembly to search for locally produced cotton napkins for purchase, Also have the opportunity to meet producers, All of them are Japanese, Use simple English communication to understand her ideas and material selection and use experience sharing. She started sewing cotton napkins, The first generation of selection is an undyed, desiccated single-layer cotton cloth. Comfortable but I feel a little thin, Later I found a double-layered, unimplanted cloth that I made now. Buy it yourself, desizing, Feel a little felt, I think that washability is easy to absorb. It is suitable for beginners or users who have just touched a cotton napkin. The idea of always trying to make organic cotton napkins has sprouted up in the head. But don’t want to buy unfamiliar vendors on the Internet. And too many materials are afraid of consumers' purchase and create obstacles. But gradually this time, more and more girls are using and buying cotton napkins. It is also more and more acceptable for how to use and clean and not use a waterproof layer. It was decided to start making organic cotton napkins. Of course, I first communicated with the cloth dealers to understand the source of the fabric. Certification acquisition is a must. In addition to organic cotton, one of the styles to be produced this time is On the other hand, I picked a pair of unbleached desizing muscles that are slightly different from the outside. Feel like the clothes your baby wears. Because it is untainted, Black cotton seed is a normal phenomenon. Great, It can be used on both sides! ! ! My intention is to buy cloth sanitary napkins that are environmentally friendly. Be nice to yourself. I don’t want a piece of cotton tampons to be abandoned in just a few years. The beauty of both sides of different materials can be selected according to the number of days of their own flow and the period of time to use organic cotton or double cotton to absorb. Rely on their own observations of their own body to go with a cloth and sanitary napkins in harmony. Sewing undyed thread, Choose 100% cotton undyed cotton thread for sewing. Two American cotton cotton pads are sewn between the organic cotton and the double cotton in the same sandwich (refer to the second picture) Use only the wings ok when the amount is small. If the flow rate is large, it can be absorbed by the absorption pad. There are two options for the absorbent pad. Absorbent pad with two layers of American cotton pad Or I recommend the organic cotton series myself. Large square square edging, Fold into a rectangle and put it on the wings, The intention is to reduce the use of cotton in the inner US cotton pad, And the dry cleaning and dry cleaning is not clean and clear, and it is not afraid that the inner layer will not be cleaned. Benefits of using cloth hygiene cotton: It is not easy to touch the skin Reduce internal diseases, not sultry and breathable Environmental protection reduces waste generation Save money, a piece of sanitary napkin can be used for more than two years The purchase will be attached to my cleaning method at a glance / Size, size, size / Because the handmade size is estimated to be about 24 cm No waterproof layer (price is a piece of price) / Material / One certified organic cotton cloth One side is unstained double muscle cotton gauze Can be used on both sides Two sandwiches of U.S. made undyed cotton pad ***The button is always made of pure copper without rusting metal buttons, environmentally friendly spray paint is certified by sgs heavy metal content test*** 【Usage and maintenance methods】 The wings of the butterfly are buckled at the bottom of the underwear Can be used on both sides Cleaning is easier than you think: Used tampon first flushes most of the blood with cold water under the faucet Use environmentally friendly house soap or crystal soap to smudge on blood spots Soak in thick soapy water Remember to be strong Soak for 3~4 hours or gently wash it in the water after overnight. If the menstrual blood is too thick to clean Recommend to soak in soap [Designer and Brand Introduction] Over thirty years of living in Taipei, Sensitivity of fashion began to come into contact with elementary schools. The dream at that time was to be a fashion designer. The result went against statistical mathematics in the face of their own ideals. In 2013, he resigned from his stable work and returned to his hometown of Yilan. I regained my passion for dress and sewing. In the semi-self-study situation, he fell and ran into his own groping. Sewing skills are far less than those who graduated from junior colleges. However, it is my dedication to the selection of the popular sensitivity and the cloth fabric. I hope with a simple design, Bring the most natural and comfortable clothes to everyone. ◐◑ Important words◐◑ We all use recycled magazine pages Or use a clean transparent plastic clothes bag for packaging. I hope you can support our approach Reduce unnecessary waste of plastic and packaging again! Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in Taiwan


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