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The "melody clothing - the second movement" for the summer of 2018. Inspirational song for カネコアヤノ- アーケード


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Good Day Zhu Hong Top


At the beginning of 2018, I began to try to make clothes. However, I have been developing to make "melody clothes". It is a flash of light that dates back to February. I have previously read a biography of a music master. The content is probably saying that there was a paragraph in which he described a similar terrorist attack. He found that there was a short period of time where the terrorist attack lost music. He realized the original. Music is in a world of hope. In a promising world, if music can represent a certain kind of emotion, like "I am like the mood of this song today," it becomes a certain foundation of life just like clothing. Although I like to enjoy music myself, I know that there is no talent in this field, but I want to touch it in another form, so I have the idea of making music clothes, every time I pick a song, according to It gives me the feeling to play, including materials, colors, clothing styles, embroidery patterns. **The song in the second chapter is the song of the new album of the Japanese personality female singer アーケード!** I was very fond of hearing it for the first time last winter. The lyrics mostly describe some of the whims of life. It is a song that can be heard for a long time in ordinary times. For me, the songs of カネコアヤノ have two kinds of faces, one is a very gentle and lovely folk trait, and the other is a somewhat handsome rock-and-roll shout. Listening to her live video or song often makes me think that she sings a kind of "spirit", but the person who invests in it has that kind of charm, which is really handsome. Red is the main color of the song, this top is the second movement with the most red clothing, like the eye-catching electric guitar sound. The melody of an electric guitar tells the story on the clothes: On the front are the big sun, three thriving flowers, and meteors. On the back is the moon, the sea of the setting sun, and the meteor. This jacket is short and wide, and it can also be worn on the inner sleeve, which has a multi-layered feeling! ▴ Size: Length 44 cm / chest width 51 cm / collar width 26 cm / shoulder width F / cuff 19 cm / both sides of the embroidery 模特 Model: Short hair - height 162 cm / weight 51 kg / shoulder width 36 cm 模特 Model: Long hair - height 154 cm / weight 42 kg / shoulder width 37 cm 材质 Material: Imported Japanese fabric. Comfortable and skin-friendly. 产 Origin: Taiwan. Handmade. 洗涤 Washing: Washable. It is recommended to wash by hand or put it in a laundry bag. ▴ Every piece of clothing is handmade, and the parts that are hand-embroidered will be slightly different. Friends who will mind can ask before placing an order. ▴ If you have stock, you can ship it immediately. If you have no stock, you need to wait**4-6**working days to make


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