CB Japan Nordic Series 珐琅 原木手冲壶-Forest Green

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The Nordic series of 珐琅 original wood hand-washing pots, simple design style with wooden handles, warm materials show the warm energy on the table.


CB Japan

CB Japan Nordic Series 珐琅 原木手冲壶-Forest Green


https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4858/46685269774_e4671ee10c_o.jpg [ brand introduction] CB JAPAN, a design lifestyle product from Japan, is a brand of both aesthetics and practicality. With the core concepts of change, basic and new, daily and new, and new, we focus on the market trend and focus on product design and development. It is one of the fastest growing home-based products in Japan. . [ product description] The Nordic series of 珐琅 original wood hand-washing pots, simple design style with wooden handles, warm materials show the warm energy on the table. ● Japan imported ● Nippon Steel Plate and Japanese manufacturer Tomatec Coatings are guaranteed ● Cute and compact shape, suitable for gas furnace, IH induction cooker ● The product is light in weight, smooth and not sticky. ● Good antibacterial and acid resistance, retaining the original flavor of the ingredients ● Fine mouth design, good water control, suitable for coffee brewing Material: Japanese steel plate (珐琅 processing) / handle - rubber logs Size: W217 x D175 x H220 mm Capacity: 1.73L (full water capacity) Weight: 695g Origin: Japan authorizes Thai production Precautions ● The glass material of the enamel glass should not be impacted or dropped to prevent the surface glass material from falling off. ● If the handle or the end of the handle is burnt or deformed, do not continue to use the product to avoid burns caused by falling off the handle. ● Use high temperature gloves during use and after use. Use insulated gloves to avoid burns. ● Be sure to place the product in the center of the fire source and adjust the size of the fire source in a timely manner. It is recommended to switch to a medium fire only in contact with the bottom of the crucible. ● Never avoid placing empty clams on the fire source to avoid damage or surface enamel plating. If there is an empty burning condition, please slowly cool down in a natural way. Never use cold water to rinse. ● If it is a kettle that can be adjusted with a handle, be sure to place the handle straight and place it in the center of the conditioning equipment for use. In order to avoid the scald and the burning of the handle. ● Do not use in microwave ovens, ovens, dishwashers and dryers. ● Since the product is sintered by high temperature, the enamel coating is applied to the metal surface. Therefore, if the surface of the product is partially dark or dark, it is a normal phenomenon, so please feel free to use it. ● Do not heat with a large fire, which may cause the pot to tip over, causing burns and damage to the item. ● It is recommended to use water level for seven minutes. If it is heated under full water capacity, it may cause the hot water to overflow due to boiling, causing the fire to extinguish and the conditioning equipment to be damaged. Please stop the fire immediately when the water is boiled. ● In use, the product may adsorb scale. Please clean the inside of the product once a day. If it is left unused for a long time, it may cause internal dirt to be removed smoothly or moldy. ● After use, carefully clean the inside, drain the lid separately from the body, and wipe off the moisture to confirm that it is stored in a dry state. ● When cleaning, the surface of the product is fragile. Do not use steel brush, washing powder or nylon brush to avoid scratching. ● 珐琅 is a kind of glass. Do not press or apply gravity to avoid damage. ● Please avoid boiling for a long time.


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