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A Christmas package with childlike and childlike hearts, the red nose and green nose of the elk can make people smile when they see it :)



Free Packaging - Christmas Elk Gifts - Frosted Triples Experience Group - Christmas Gift Exchange Gifts

商品説明 🎄 Do you also want to pinch the little nose? No matter how old, I will be very happy to see cute things! No matter how old, Still remember the innocence and purity in my heart. Hey! Hey! Stealing a cute little nose~ I hope that you have pure happiness at any time! Merry Christmas 🎉 [Christmas Elk Gift] contains: 1. Anmo Gifts | 璀璨 Lightweight Scrub Three Enter Experience Group x 1 2. Free packaging | Super kawaii Christmas elk (red nose, green nose) and two-color rope package available 3. Intimate Blessings | 1 Christmas Card, let you write down what you want to say to him. The card is folded in half size: 6 x 6 cm, just small and nice, no envelopes. **Single order to buy "two groups" elk gift__free shipping__!** | Suggested purchases | (Anmo white brand small paper bag) |Packing selection| 1. White, primary color elk, each with red nose and green nose 2. Red / primary color wrapping paper + two-color rope **Please don't imagine, the gift size is as follows** Gift size is about 9.5 x 7.8 x 2.8 cm Gift size is about 9.5 x 7.8 x 2.8 cm Gift size is about 9.5 x 7.8 x 2.8 cm |Product introduction| The three Anmo matte body products made from natural plant essential oils, while still applying and cleansing the skin, the natural botanical fragrance will soothe the soul and bring a special feeling of relaxation. . 1. Water Blue Fantasy | Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Sage 2. Classic Jasmine | Jasmine Essential Oil, Moroccan Jasmine Water 3. Romantic Japanese Sakura | Japanese Cherry Blossom, Lavender, Chamomile Classic jasmine | white cream thick and substantial, elegant and elegant Romantic Japanese cherry | pink creamy texture, full of cherry blossoms Water blue and blue | clear blue water texture, it is very addictive A scrub ingredient made from natural jojoba oil (Jojoba bead), colorless and odorless, with clear and transparent small particles, smooth edges, mild and clean skin without irritation, natural source and biodegradable, It is an environmentally friendly ingredient. Uses: body exfoliation and body care Usage: Apply an appropriate amount of product to the slightly damp body, gently rub it to achieve exfoliation and cleansing effect, and then wash it thoroughly with water. You can also apply skin care for 3 to 5 minutes before you do the above. Recommended frequency: 1~2 times a week Shelf life: June 2020 (product packaging is marked) |Special Notes | - The three-dimensional small nose is hand-to-hand paste. Anmo will carefully make each package for you to confirm the integrity of the product when you pack it. However, if you have a strong collision during transportation, please understand that the nose is still falling off. You can use double. Adhesive tape or white glue can be glued. - Do not accept returns due to packaging factors, please understand the time and labor costs of packaging, if not returned due to product problems, or__not picked up by Super Dealer__etc., packaging costs (50 yuan) will be refunded deduction; -**If you cannot accept the above notes, please do not order this item, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.** - If there is no special note,__invoice will be shipped with the goods__(invoice will be placed in the parcel sent, will not be included in the gift box!), if you do not want the recipient to receive the invoice, please be sure to order Remarks tell Anmo that we will leave the invoice for donation and will not send it separately. | You might like it | (Free Packaging - Plant Family Christmas Hand Cream Set) (Plant Fragrance Maintenance Christmas Gift Box)


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