Mumu [vegetation] blue dye dye dye blue cotton tie dye scarves vegetation (ropes paragraph)

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Mumu [vegetation] blue dye dye dye blue cotton tie dye scarves vegetation (ropes paragraph)


/ Commodity Description and story / Jane is indigo blue dye materials and blue mud extracted arrogant Jing plants. Jing is big Acanthaceae, perennial herb, contains incredible indigo pigment. Great Jing fermentation process, you can put the blue dye extracted from the leaves and stems out of the blue after the system was built with blue complicated process, repeated oxidation dyeing, so green taken from the blue, and green to blue. Scarves fabric is cotton, feels very soft and comfortable, drape well Casual tie dye scarf, it would twist coils of rope pattern Pure hand-dyed, guarantee unique / Size, specifications, size / Height 170 cm width 63 * / Material / 100% cotton / Operate and maintain / 1. Try not to wash, please wash separately for cleaning, if slight discoloration is normal washing. 2. It is recommended to use the neutral shower gel, shampoo, soak a while (do not long-term), water temperature below 30 degrees C gentle hand. 3. Do not use harsh detergent or bleach. 4. Please suspension after cleaning the shade to dry, not in direct sunlight, in order to maintain their bright color. 5. drying, ironing ask for every cloth ironing. 6. When the collection regardless of the use of hanging or put off long-term avoided by the same light source, resulting in localized discoloration. Recommended opacity bags bagging cloth or other covering. / Designers and brand profile / Vegetable dyes rather complex process Scouring cloth, tied / seam pattern, stained wood processing, extraction dye Mordant treatment, eat cool color, rinsed, dried Mumu do is find a variety of vegetable dyes from nature The length of time different materials, variety, extraction Each step will affect the finished result Mumu color and design of each piece is unique Hope this can spread to feel the temperature of each person's life! Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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