2CM Wide Pen Pen Pen Holder / Pen Holder / Italian Leather / Hand / Leather / Hand Dyeing / Dyeing - Carmine

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2CM Wide Pen Pen Pen Holder / Pen Holder / Italian Leather / Hand / Leather / Hand Dyeing / Dyeing - Carmine


2.0MM wide single pen / Italian leather / hand / leather / hand dyeing / rubbing

● Dimension Description:
Cover Product Size: Approx. 17 * 3.5CM
Open cover Product Size: about 30 * 3.5CM
Product thickness: about 3CM
Leather thickness: 1.4 ~ 1.6MM
Pen cover capacity of 2 * 2CM width

● Material Description:
Epithelium: the Italian skin
Figure line color: red

Buy a beloved pen often take him out but worry about bruising?
Fast to a beloved child a stable home!
Especially set for the content of 2CM mold production
Leather selection of 1.6MM high thickness of high hardness plant leather production
Plastic production is more difficult but better finished product hardness
So that the whole pen can be a safe protection of the Oh!

Also sold the amount of 1.7CM wide pen sets, please consider their own love pen size, free too much capacity caused by the space is too large Oh.

Simple design
Generous and practical
Using partial staining
In addition to you can feel the unique charm of hand rub dyeing
The part of the original color will create new life due to time
Characterize the traces of the history of the user

Leather and side are treated by grinding
Leather back also through a special day emulsion through the ancient law leather art grinding
The back is no longer rough
More durable
Hand-made hand-sewn

The more simple objects pay more attention to quality
The texture of the original color is at a glance
Made in Italy
In the passing of the baptism
Will be because the user's way slowly change honey wax color
Is the color effect can not do it out

A good hand sewn leather pieces
Can be used around 10 to 20 years
Texture and feel + durable
Tiny details are thousands of miles of insistence

Thousands of miles - to achieve your imagination of the design

Optional customizable color Oh ↓ ↓ ↓

● printable design word English font, this font for the studio made, the other studio is not Oh!
But also to create their own pieces of leather Oh ^ ^
The font is about 0.8CM.

※ custom pen sets for the shape of special, need to print the font in advance and then sewing, can not print after the print, unified print fonts in the back of the pencil bag, to print English fonts need to be selected in the options and comments in the order message Oh.

● Italian flat dye: the use of Italian water Phoenix dyes, color saturation and stability, not like a variety of changes in hand-wiping, like low-key calm leather pieces of the best choice.

● hand-dyeing dyeing: the use of alcohol-containing gold dye dyeing, dyeing can be customized to the exclusive color ─ ─ grain, monochrome, gradient ... ... can be discussed with each other their favorite leather, leather goods to do different effects of different , Showing the striae but the leather surface is the main feature of the smooth, not die of a color, even if the dyeing of a single color because of the stained dye, where the color of the shallow color on the deeper, according to their own feelings and experience the guests want the atmosphere To stain. The color will not fall off, will penetrate into the leather inside, the longer the time will be more and more natural taste. The last will be rubbed on the Japanese oil stains, the color is more translucent saturation, the oil itself can also be added to the leather to make leather more durable skin Oh.

● double needle stitch: also known as saddle / Hermes sewing method, before the saddle are made of leather hand sewn, in the violent stadium to be durable, visible stable quality.
1. Hand strength is stronger than the sewing seam, especially the twine or linen line, are not easy to break the line class.
2. In particular, encountered thicker leather, hand sewing than sewing can reach the beautiful needle.
3. If the case of cable rupture, hand sewing will not be like a machine seam, there is a short thread to open the shortcomings.
4. At the beginning and end of the suture, there will be no mechanical suture head wrinkled into a group of shortcomings.

1. Leather leather parts may have a slight natural raw skin scar wrinkle texture differences, etc., is a normal phenomenon, are as much as possible to pick the most traces of the site to make, please accept and then single Oh.
2. Planting leather because each person to use different and deep, for the normal phenomenon Oh!
3. are hand-dyed, each staining is slightly different, sometimes some dyes on the back of the dye is a normal phenomenon, will try to avoid please do not mind Oh ^ ^.
4. Leather back are hand-dyed treatment agent grinding treatment, but because the leather, the back of the site will have different shades of color Oh!
5. Because for the customer products, unless the line color / custom color / font prints do not apply, do not apply the Consumer Protection Act Article 19 of the seven days of hesitation, please confirm your needs and then order to buy. Do not return Oh! Are for the high cost of production please understand Oh ~ thank you ~!

/// use and maintenance mode ///
1. In the shipment before the use of CARAT special leather maintenance wax maintenance, so the normal use can be Hello.
2. leather most afraid of wet ~ ~ use should pay attention to moisture waterproof Oh.
3. For some time when not in use, please put in a ventilated place, do not use plastic bags and other items sealed bag to collect Oh.

→ Production days: 20 working days (excluding holidays), you can contact the studio to confirm the time, because the studio are hand-made, as too much delay in the production of orders, will call or letter contact, please forgive me The

→ pre-purchase notes: If the order for the original color can be directly subscripted, please transfer the letter to confirm, and in the letter to note the custom line color and print the English word content (10 words free).

If you want to order other colors, please contact the studio in advance and confirm the details, and then ordered to avoid misunderstanding between the two sides, are required to be paid after the production trip.

Origin / manufacturing method
Origin of Taiwan handmade double needle saddle / Hermes sewing method manual dyeing dyeing


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