Triangular Blue Sandstone Semi-precious Stone Pine Cone Light Jewelry Semi-precious Stone Brass Braided Bracelet Bracelet Light Jewelry B14

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Triangular blue sandstone bracelet, with different swing angles, the inner sand faintly shines


Triangular Blue Sandstone Semi-precious Stone Pine Cone Light Jewelry Semi-precious Stone Brass Braided Bracelet Bracelet Light Jewelry B14


/**Product Introduction**/ "Blue sandstone symbolizes bravery and perseverance, and helps to improve wealth. It brings courage, confidence and willpower, and increases vitality and impetus." Blue sandstone is actually a kind of extremely beautiful synthetic mineral glass crystal with placer gold effect. Its crystal is dark blue, and golden sands can be seen on it, like stars shining in the beautiful night sky. -Size: 16.5cm (extension chain not included) -Material: blue sandstone, brass beads /**Customized Modification**/ -If your wrist is slightly larger than the size of the store, don’t worry, the store bracelet will have an additional 2.5-3cm extension chain. -You can also customize the length you want, please inform the hand circumference you want when placing an order. -Hand circumference measurement method: You can use any thread-like items such as earphone cords, sewing threads, etc., or cut a long strip of A4 paper along the long side, wrap it around your wrist where you want to wear, and use The length measured by the ruler is the circumference of your hand. *For the comfort of wearing, we will add 1-1.5cm to the length of the hand circumference you want! * /**Know Before You Buy**/ -Majime is a one-person studio. The accessories are all handmade. Please wait patiently for the production. Thank you very much for your consideration! -All photos are taken from real products, but due to different computer color rendering, different shooting angles and different personal definitions, the chromatic aberration problem is inevitable, and the products are mainly real products. -Pearls, minerals, etc. are natural materials, so each color and cut shape will not be exactly the same. This is also the charm of natural materials. -The metal part of the jewelry in the store is divided into brass and electroplated alloy. The title will be separately indicated. Brass is a low-sensitivity metal that has not been electroplated and does not fade and is not prone to allergies. -The size is manually measured, there may be some slight errors, please know that it is the normal range /**Product Packaging**/ -For the sustainable development of the environment, we do not adopt gorgeous excessive packaging. The accessories will be packed in thick zipper bags, with maintenance instruction cards and business cards, depending on the size of the items, then put them into thick kraft paper storage envelopes or triangular three-dimensional bags in *If you want to give a gift, you can purchase a gift box /**Accessories maintenance method**/ -Pure copper material will oxidize over time due to contact with skin sweat and air. The color of the brass body will deepen, but it will show a calm and restrained retro color. If you want to restore the original luster, you can wipe it with a silver cloth or use it. Dip a soft cloth with copper oil and wipe it. -Accessories should not be worn in hot springs or in contact with perfumes. After wearing the accessories, they can be wiped with a dry soft cloth and stored in a sealed bag to avoid contact with air. /**Origin / manufacturing method**/ Handmade in Taiwan Designed & Handmade in Taiwan


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