KODAK RETINA IB 50mm F2.8 Schneider Film Evaluation Camera

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KODAK RETINA IB 50mm F2.8 Schneider Film Evaluation Camera


Focal length: 50mm Aperture: 2.8 Shutter: B, 1-1 / 500 seconds Produced in 1954 and debuted at the Photokina Camera Show. Designed by German designers Nagel Camerawerks, using the German Schneider-Kreuznach Retina-Xenar 50mm f / 2.8. This series is made in Germany. The shutter aperture is purely manual and has its own special The lens and other accessories can be expanded, the appearance is classical and beautiful, and the operation and performance are also great The function is normal, please refer to the photo for the appearance, there is no trace of use, we subjectively judge it as A [Subscript please read] ① There is only one item for all items in this store. If necessary, please ask and answer the question first, please do not directly bid ② You can go to "Lomo graphy" or "Fli ckr" to search for the camera name. There will be many photos to enjoy. ③ If you have any questions, you can chat directly, or search for our "Sunday Antique Camera" private message on Face book or Insta gram. [Camera rating] S-Class-New Stock Class A-New & Very New Class B-traces of normal use Class C-Use more marks & have flaws that do not affect imaging Class D-Defective imaging, but still possible Class E-Improper shooting, parts machine [Shop Introduction] The boss loves taking pictures and also loves the camera (this fundamental nonsense). No matter if you want to discuss camera equipment, or the technology of taking pictures, you can communicate with the boss privately. If you have equipment you do n’t want to use, you can also find the boss if you want to let go. I want to buy equipment too, but please note that taking pictures is a happy thing, so the boss does n’t want everyone to be misunderstood because of the cognitive differences in buying and selling, so I ’ll help you to order transactions. Read, thank you! [Trade Notes] ① The owner attaches great importance to credit, so each product is sold in a sequence. The person who asks first will retain the right to buy first. If the transaction is not successful, the next customer will be notified in accordance with the order of questions. ② The boss's photo-taking technology is too good. Taking it a little more seriously will be too beautiful, so if you are worried that the actual product and the photo will be inaccurate, you can send a private message. The boss will not light up and then use a bad mobile phone to shoot it for you to see clearly. The true face of the product. ③The boss is very embarrassed, so he will try to clearly write all the current status of the product in the store, but it is inevitable that there are mistakes in the bus. If you have any special concerns, you are welcome to use private messages to ask the boss about the parts that are not mentioned. The boss will be patient Answer the condition of your products one by one. ④ There are two ways of transaction in this store. One is delivery. If you are sure to use the delivery method, please pay attention to the above. ② ③ Two points, please fully confirm the condition of the product and then confirm the order. There is a gap with the boss, and you can still refund the full amount. ⑤ Another transaction method is to pick up at the store. Please make an appointment with us before you pick up at the store. Come to the store and pick up the complete teaching, so please choose a time that is not too fast, and let the boss explain the goods to you. The status quo & usage, if you want to take a notebook to take notes, because the old camera is very fragile, so improper operation is easy to damage. Store Address: 251 No. 3-3, Lane 56, Gongming Street, Danshui District, New Taipei City (You can also search for "Sunday Antique Cameras / Accessories" on google map). [Warranty description] All products have a 30-day warranty, the warranty description is as follows: ① Non-artificial damage (no more scratches, breaks, bumps, etc.), which is broken under normal operating conditions, can be repaired free of charge, or a full refund to you. ② If it is judged that it is artificially damaged, the warranty is still available, but repair costs will be charged. If you think that small problems do not affect the shooting, it doesn't matter. The boss will first quote you and you decide whether to repair. ③ The warranty time is 30 days from the time of receipt, so please try to shoot as fast as possible within 30 days. If the camera has a problem beyond the warranty time, you can still find the boss, but repair costs will be charged.


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