Recipe Biscuits • Gemini Unicorn Men and Women Baby Hand Drawn Creative Design 8~16 Pieces

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Hand-painted icing-shaped biscuits ~ twins or twins are suitable for ordering, just like the Gemini KiKi & LaLa riding a unicorn between the rainbow, full of happiness and joy~ No matter the birthday party, the wedding ceremony, the moon ceremony, the


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Recipe Biscuits • Gemini Unicorn Men and Women Baby Hand Drawn Creative Design 8~16 Pieces


**★Please read the transaction policy carefully before purchasing. Once you confirm the order and complete the transaction, you will agree to the warm sun transaction instructions and the delivery instructions. Thank you for your inquiry before ordering. Orders that cannot be matched will be cancelled automatically.** Warm Sun Whether you use any of the desserts in Europe, America, Japan and Taiwan, and the original imported brand, please feel free to buy and eat! // product description// Hand-painted icing-shaped cookies ~ Classical Ballet Swan Lake No matter the birthday party, the wedding ceremony, the moon ceremony, the collection event, it is very suitable for friends and family, and it is very creative and thoughtful. Pure natural, handmade, never add any artificial flavor, stress nature and health With thoughtful mood, delicate craftsmanship, make every cake with heart, convey the happiness atmosphere to every friend who loves dessert, and draw your own sweetness for your baking, I hope to bring you a sweet candy. Experience // size // Each biscuit is about 5~8 cm wide // quantity // 8 or 16 pieces (one or two boxes/group) // raw materials // Qifa Songhe low-gluten flour, fresh eggs, French Isigny cream, Japanese sugar powder, American Whitby food color paste, American Whitby food color pen, protein cream powder, British Sugar Flair food color paste, natural food bamboo charcoal Powder, British Sugar Flair food color, natural fruit and vegetable food color powder // Edible instructions // The flavor is better after eating at room temperature for 5 days (do not refrigerate or cryopreservation, the biscuit will be oily!) // packaging // Each piece of biscuits is packaged separately, containing moisture-proof bags for food, which are undoubtedly stored. Feel the temperature and hand texture with a high-pound kraft paper box. Contains warm Yangyang fruit shop business card, edible and receiving auspicious words to explain small card, red line, handwritten commemorative photo sticker Protected by layers of multi-layer anti-collision material, plus boxed shipping, please feel at ease ** About // Warm Sun. Dayfruit Bakery ** **Two girls who love to make desserts and hand-painted designs + three meeks that love healthy and natural desserts = the warmth of handmade creative desserts** 坚持 Adhere to the pure hand-made and creative design custom service, through the simple, pure and delicate craftsmanship and style design, let the dessert aesthetics melt into the daily web baking workshop. Every thick and full dessert contains emotions that we use to irrigate with enthusiasm. We hope that through the temperature of hand-made and unique creation to convey the happy atmosphere, everyone can enjoy peace of mind, happiness, peace of mind and heart. 让 Let you know the beauty of hand-made desserts and creative design through simple and pure spirit. Really accompany you, gradually accumulate into a beautiful memory of life, become an indispensable existence in life, and convey a happy, warm and healthy atmosphere to every friend who loves dessert. // Customized order ordering // 暖 Warm Sun can also create your own personal biscuits~ Welcome to contact us to discuss design for you! Regardless of any wedding event, we will try our best to design beautiful and delicious icing-shaped biscuits. ❥ Welcome to pre-order for pre-order **★ This product is made by hand, the color size will be slightly different, it is pure, and the perfect request, please consider the order. Designers have the power to make color matching and cookie model changes in response to design style requirements★** **★Please indicate the baby's name in the remarks field (both in English and Chinese), and indicate whether the biscuit needs to be punched. Thank you ☺** ***►Continuous attention _ Warm Yang. The concept of yang _ _** Supporting creative design will be the driving force for Warm Sun to promote dessert aesthetics ❥ FB Fan Group: DayLight Bakery ❥ Instagram:daylightbakery Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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