Moomin Moomin rice - wood cover thermos (green)

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Moomin family has a rounded body, like a hippopotamus, but they are a group of strange Elves, living in the Finnish fore



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Moomin Moomin rice - wood cover thermos (green)


【product features】
**Moomin is a collection of fairy tales written by Finnish author Tove Jansson.**

*Black and white lines in the freedom and ease*
In the world of snorkelling, in addition to the cute and strange characters, there is still a school of optimism and living philosophy of life. Children and big friends who like the role of the snorkelling fairy tale can switch off the window of reason, "morality" and "interpretation," and enjoy the rich and funny look of the comics, Adventure, enjoy lively, changing, abstract plot.
Of course, if you still can not help but in the entertainment jokes provided by Dobey Sheng, look for the wisdom and philosophy of life, it certainly will not go home empty handed. Whether you like the curious children 's prototype of the snorkelling rice, you always dreamed of adventuring like a juvenile snorkeler daddy, a mum for everyone who lives in pragmatic life, swimming in Arkin between heaven and earth, or whatever Charming character, you will always get a glimpse of the naughty smile of Bei Yang Yang Hui in their back. For the rise and fall of life, serious experience, enjoy life, but not rigid and serious. The change of the world and the people around him will always be curious and open-minded. It is a kind of game that meets the needs of the game and meets the difficulties. It is the essence of the artist, Dobby Yang Sheng, who pursues freedom and freedom throughout his life.
Excerpts from the snorker comic Complete Works recommended
- You Taoyun, Associate Professor, National Institute of Children's Literature, Taitung University
*"Yang Sheng created a weird but real world, where people's fear, loneliness and anxiety are driven away by love and imagination."*
Moomin has been named "Time Magazine Ten Best Books of 2006" by TIME magazine. Compared with the confusion and turmoil in real life, the world and characters scored in the book may be just a kind of love and healing. People from the simple Moomin family, but also to retrieve the essence of life. As the author portrays Moomin, who is big in the book and simple and honest, when confronted by his friends for making strange and mysterious art so that they can make a lot of money, he replies that he only wants to "live a stable life, grow potatoes and do Daydream". Created, warm, fantastic and whimsical since its birth in the 1940s, this novel always reminds us of the innocence of the present and the eternal.

Capacity: 500ml
Insulation effectiveness: more than 6 hours 50 degrees
Bottle material: liner 304 stainless steel / 201
Caliber: 5cm
Size: high 22.7 (bottle cap height) × bottom diameter of 6cm
Weight: 266g
Origin: Made in China, Taiwan processing

1. Before use the cup body with a neutral detergent to clean.
2. When using first add hot water (cold water), preheating or pre-cooling, insulation (cold) better.
3. Turn the stopper and lid clockwise to prevent leakage.
4. Drink when unscrew the lid counterclockwise, press the stopper button, you can pour water.
5. Cork self-locking function, directly cover the cover automatically shut down.
6. Unscrew the stopper can be directly into the large pieces of ice storage.

【cleaning method】
Please use water or neutral detergent with a soft brush to clean, do not use bleach or chlorine detergent.

1. Do not drink carbonated drinks or dry ice, so as not to spill the beverage or stopper.
2. Please do not install milk or fresh drinks, so as not to exceed the best heat preservation / ice protection time caused by corruption.
3. Please avoid collision, so as not to break the bottle, affect the insulation performance.
4. Do not place beside the heat, so as not to affect the function.


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