Deer luck / A4 wrapping paper (10 pieces into / plus 3 round stickers)

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Deer luck / A4 wrapping paper (10 pieces into / plus 3 round stickers)

商品説明 Hello! This is UNA's personal brand "Travel, Word in" Because there is only one person's relationship, the reply letter and the mailing out will take a little time, but please enlighten me! In addition, if it is urgent or other requests are welcome, U will strive to satisfy every buyer (*ω`) people ('ω`*) After two months of drawing, three months of testing with the actual packaging Deer Lucky wrapping paper finally be able to meet with everyone at the end of 2017! This wrapping paper to escape the past, we continue to repeat the impression of the wrapping paper pattern, Not only the use of chaotic orderly composition, the most important and brilliant ingenuity is the last three sika. You can try to imagine, when the recipient received the final unpacking and found that the tree above the original tree is not real But a little world on the antlers! How surprised and pleasantly surprised? If you and U satisfied that the wrapping paper is not just a piece of paper for protection and decoration, But it can be part of the gift that gives the receiver, happy and pleasant surprise, Then you must not miss this section wrapping paper! Use this light and thin wrapping paper to arouse the most sincere and sincere surprise of the recipient. And this humble wrapping paper function to maximize, so that when the recipient Kaifeng you feel full of sincerity! Finally, the following attached to the three months since the test package UNA own way, although Jie are the most simple packaging practices, But as long as a slight change in color can change thousands of styles! We can also try different ways, colors, with the same, there will be many beautiful results! If the lack of material at your disposal you can also use the included three stickers into the most simple and elegant style! A warm welcome to you all kinds of ways to play this wrapping paper! If everyone has their own favorite piece of work and agree to let U-share to everyone Welcome to private photos directly to me, let everyone feel, learning the wonderful packaging and fun! Whether it is forest or simple design style can be easily done! Finally, to share with you, in fact, this wrapping paper can be folded into envelopes, U Na also intends to shoot their own original envelope folding method of the film However, the project is too vast ~ This wrapping paper after three months is actually because of the relationship between the film (laugh The current film is still making, we can look forward to, but do not expect too much! (Hey) Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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