Weepee Outdoor Rice (single)

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Weepee ショップへ

Weepee Outdoor Rice (single)


▍ products include: Weepee Outdoor environmental protection of a rice, a tube extension, brochures

▍ original Asian women in line with the physical structure of the hard design, the use of the natural formation of the airtight space, do not need to invade the body, do not need to take off pants, you can achieve no leakage, side leakage effect, and easy to clean, Applicable to all kinds of posture (sitting, standing) and the environment!

Product Features

Manufacturing process
Life convenience, health and safety and environmental protection should not conflict with each other, we attach great importance to material stability and environmental protection. After several visits and attempts, we choose not to appear in similar products of the material - rice fiber plastic, adhere to the convenience and freedom of women at the same time, do not hurt the body does not hurt the environment.

Design course
The design of Weepee is a coincidence that in the process of getting along with the family of the wheelchair family and the spine just finished, it was learned that wheelchair women and older women often faced the dilemma of finding suitable barrier-free toilets when they needed to go out , Often for a long time do not eat or drink, must endure holding back urine, thirsty inhuman situation.

Waiting for the external hardware facilities change slow, if the external hardware environment under the same conditions, to solve the problem of urination, will allow more obstacles to be safe to go out, work. So, we think about how to minimize the cost of women and senior women to solve the big problem, to study the development of sitting, standing, reclining are common toilet aids - Weepee, and in the design stage, consult a lot of trial The trial experience, again and again to improve.

Sitting and posture are suitable for the design, so Weepee apply to different physical conditions of women and occasions, such as climbing, rafting, to participate in concerts and other difficult to find the right place for the toilet, pregnant women, just finished knife knife, Array of passengers and other different groups.

Fortunately, from the beginning of 2014 to design, all the way to get the support and recognition of many people, so that we can successfully Weepee production and sales, making more women can freely explore the world. In 2015, Weepee won the first prize of "Golden Point Design Award", "Design - Gender Good Designer", "Job Redesign Action Disorder Group", and completed the first fundraising in FlyingV in April 2016, 2016 In October 2016, the first batch of Weepee was handed over to the sponsor's hand. In October 2016, the first batch of Weepee was officially handed over to the " The hands of the sponsor. In the same year, also won the Yingge Ceramics Museum of the affirmative, selected for the representative of Yingge fine "Yingge burning". In 2017, the "Mother's Home - Peace and Women's Human Rights Museum" was selected and selected for the "Industrial Design Award" of the Taipei Design Award.

Production / production


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