Circle circle circle text sticker

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Circle circle circle text sticker, circle is the most beautiful shape



Circle circle circle text sticker


I always like things that are round and round~ I feel very fulfilling. Therefore, the big nose is always round and short and fat. **2018/12/15 added a new style~ I/Encourage your own text sticker pack 10 sheets / Only you can't deny yourself / You are really good / Always remember goodness / Find your passion / find your own value / Becoming a person who others want to be / Everything, just be right for yourself. / Do what you like and become what you look forward to. /Strengthen the way you want to go / Do what you like, it’s worth continuing to like it. **2018/10/09 added a new style~ F/ said to yourself 10 sheets Take care of yourself Maintain your own uniqueness It’s enough to see you a little more smile. Don't let yourself have a chance to regret Be a competent self Dare to ask, but also a brave Ok, better, better than yourself. More positively facing all challenges, not dodging Always remind yourself, don't forget the original heart Whenever I look back at myself, I feel that I am very good and I am proud of myself. A / remind yourself 14 into B / strong heart needle + vitamin 12 into C/whispering 10 sheets D/Listen to me, 9 sheets E/ not strong enough for 11 sheets **2018/10/09 added a new style~ F/ said to yourself 10 sheets G/bubble text sticker pack (every day is a good day) 12 sheets into G/bubble text sticker pack (days are good days) 12 sheets Make A Big Wish. Growing up is not bad! You can use your own ideas and become what you want to be. Don't forget the original intention. Enjoy every moment. Thank you, every one has your day. One of the greatest achievements of a person is what can bring to others, perhaps happiness, perhaps some resonance, or perhaps some touch. Growing up a little bit every day, a little bit mature, happiness will be a lot more. Make small but daily progress. In the face of a new journey, don't be afraid! One day, you can make all your efforts blossom. May the day be a good day. Learn to accept. ///These words are also my confession to everyone who likes me. The phrase "One of the greatest achievements of a person is to bring something to others, maybe it is happiness, maybe some resonance, or maybe some touch." It was written by me on my birthday, my achievement may not be High, but because you can let me share, let me pass on some energy ideas, let me feel very fulfilled~ 12 cards into +1 card H / bubble text sticker pack (brave forward) 12 into I want to tell you something as beautiful and cute as a bubble. Round sticker~ What words are there? Be brave, no problem. Don't be nervous, take a deep breath, take a deep breath, and fart () Become a mountain, steady and quiet. Don't give up, try again. Admit to the ground. Give yourself a little more certainty. Happy every day, happy day Although walking slowly, when you look back, you have gone a long way. Under a comfortable balance, enrich yourself and make yourself a storyteller. Regarding the unknown, it is difficult for us not to be anxious. At this time, we must first stabilize ourselves. Sincerely treat others. Most like, when you talk about your dreams, you have a shiny and firm look. ///Actually, these words are also my confession to everyone who likes me. I hope that you will find your dreams and share them with me. Let me see your gleaming eyes :) 12 cards into +1 card Of course, you can choose to take 100 shots at a time. Pearlescent waterproof white / diameter 4.2 cm :)


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