【Spice mashed (small)】 kitchen essential supplies, Taiwan marble system ↖ simple and easy to clean

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【Spice mashed (small)】 kitchen essential supplies, Taiwan marble system ↖ simple and easy to clean


Kitchen super helper - spices mop Every time into the kitchen, always need some spices to taste, Spaghetti always feel very troublesome. Use mashed cans, immediately become simple, a few seconds immediately garlic on the stripping, even the aroma came out. Modern at the same time, sometimes the most traditional of the most primitive, but let us more amazing. Dedicated to you like you / you Suitable for any spice Such as garlic, ginger, sesame, nuts and so on PS. Small weight little by little to join, will be more easily mashed ~ -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- Material: natural stone Size: 8cm*8cm*7.5cm Net weight: 600g 【Use and cleaning and maintenance methods】 Before and after use can be washed with water, dry naturally, Or after washing with a soft cloth or cotton can be dry. The surface has been polished, cleaning is very easy, difficult to mold is not easy to bacteria. 【Original stone product lines unique Jade stone Square products are all natural stone cut into pieces made of the original stone inside the impurities, lines, etc., are part of the normal phenomenon. 【 Purchase Notes】 Each product lines and colors are not the same and each have their own unique, received goods and pictures of the original stone lines and lines will not be the same, cherish the special lines of each product. Commodities are handmade and measured, the size may be a little error. Merchandise can not be perfect because of handmade, if you are perfectionist, it may be the first product is not for you. If the goods are not defective, do not accept the return. International freight is more complex, according to the number and geographical differences, the proposed order before the first letter. 【Optional goods if the gift, need to attach a bag or special packaging welcome letter and we said. To ☆ pure natural non-toxic stone ☆ original stone origin: Taiwan made marble Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan handmade