Vanger Charm Black 3M Waterproof Simple Gentleman Derby Shoes-Va253 Black

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★ Open Derby flaps adjust tightly ★ Vanger brand exclusive custom, non-slip, wear-resistant rubber synthetic outsole ★ Simple shape and texture can withstand long-term test. Designed by Taiwan / Handmade shoes (MIT) ★ 3M Scotchgard waterproof patented tech



Vanger Charm Black 3M Waterproof Simple Gentleman Derby Shoes-Va253 Black


★ Ordering Tips ★ If the required size is not displayed on the purchase page when ordering, it means that the size is sold out or is being added. If you have any questions about the size of the product and purchase, you can click on the contact page of each product to contact the designer to ask questions. Customer service will respond to your questions as soon as possible during working hours. New Taiwan design / manufacturing shoes (MIT) [Va253-3M Waterproof Black Simple Gentleman Derby Leather Shoes] Vanger Waterproof Black Leather Shoes series, 3M Waterproof Patented Technology Tanning is added to the leather manufacturing process, making the entire leather material permanent It is water-repellent, and the effect persists. The narrow, round lines of the British style sharpen the beautiful leather texture. The design of the upper details the men's minimalist fashion with car lines, simple but intriguing, and the complete picture can be seen when you get rid of the complexity. Thickened anti-abrasion shoe rims, vintage copper buckle shoelace holes, diamond-shaped non-slip outsoles, and a variety of carefully designed designs blend into this pair of shoes to meet your every day needs. A combination of practicality and durability, the classic is undefeated! [Different from the general waterproof leather on the market, only waterproof on the surface] 3M waterproof leather is added with 3M waterproof technology in the leather manufacturing process, and passed the American AATCC water resistance test, the water resistance is higher than 80%. In order to make the entire leather material permanent water repellent, it will not disappear because of time. In the daily life, it will be truly water repellent, anti-fouling and oil-proof, so that the hard-to-maintain suede can be closer to our life. !! !! NOTICE: In case of excessive rain or splashing water, when the water flows from the edge of the shoe into the shoe, the shoe must still be placed in a cool and ventilated place until it is completely dry, so as not to get damp and moldy inside. ★ Open derby flaps adjust tightly. ★ Vanger brand exclusive custom, non-slip, wear-resistant rubber synthetic outsole. ★ Simple shape and texture can stand the test of a long time. Taiwan design / handmade shoes (MIT). ★ 3M Scotchgard waterproof patented technology! With anti-splashing and anti-dirty effects, after 15,000 complete tests, it is waterproof, oil-proof and breathable. Commodity price: 4080 yuan Size│Please refer to European size 39-44 / US size 8.5-11 ►►This version is normal, such as the usual 42 size, please take the 42 size, or compare the length of the feet below or US size Product size: 33x21x12CM Product weight: 1000g Color Model│Black Texture Fabric│3M waterproof cowhide Inner │ benzene dyed dolphin foot pad + high breathable dolphin lining + soft latex insole Outsole│Synthetic outsole + outsole slip prevention design Packaging│Shoe Box / Dust Cloth / Dust Cover / Limited Design Bag / Leather Back Swell ►The color of the product image file will be slightly different due to the influence of the light absorption of the leather or the differences in the settings of each computer screen, which is subject to the actual product color. ►The products shipped are all brand new products. If there are problems such as incompatible dimensions or new product defects, please confirm that the product is in an unused state (do not land, wear and dirt on the sole), and wear and dirt Cannot accept returns / exchanges.


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