Forest & Waves Skateboard cap / tannin color five split caps (5-panel) Cap

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Forest & Waves Skateboard cap / tannin color five split caps (5-panel) Cap


"Forest & Waves", people in the information explosion of life, to find a balance of pace. Love surfing and nature of Taiwan-born animator Ed, the love of the outdoors into the design, combined with a good process around the development of trade, this passion for nature full share to you Only the surf picnic camping as a leisure activity would be a pity, designers believe that this should promote a life style make life more wonderful Forest & Waves of the name is inspired by the natural beauty of Pacific Northwest, including the pine flavor, waves lapping the shore and the wind rustling through the trees. Forest (Forest) to represent my interests: camping and hiking, and the Waves (waves) will reflect my passion for surfing and Taiwan, grew up in a village by the sea. Nature is the world's best designers, and I was inspired Forest & Waves goods from here. Designer About Ed Ed was born in Taiwan, grew up in a small seaside village of; at a young age, he and his family emigrated to Toronto, Canada. From can remember, he has been painting. In a full family travelers and entrepreneurs to grow, Ed naturally link with nature and the outdoors. His father had sailed from the Red Sea to the East, and his mother often went camping with his family. After the animation film studio work for many years, Ed realized he needed to change the pace of life. In 2012, Ed decided to start his own business as an independent artist. According to the design and create beautiful items to include his favorite outdoor vision, he established the Forest & Waves. Forest & Waves fortune from outdoor spirit, and Vancouver, Canada, is a city full of nature lovers. Ed can use his living environment and culture in the West Bank continue to grow the brand. Product desciption 100% cotton Five division (5-panel) Cap, commonly known as Camp Cap, originated in the outdoor sports the necessary turn-brimmed hat, since the rise of cycling and skateboarding and other extreme sports, they spring up along the popular streets; it obedient hat, comfortable material, is actually a most suitable for boys and girls to wear the necessary cap funds. Origin / manufacturing methods Canadian Design in China


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