Sterling Silver Bracelet - Round Lettering Tag

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Thin bracelet, small tag, gently accompany


Sterling Silver Bracelet - Round Lettering Tag


[small tag bracelet] Thin bracelet Small tag Gently accompany [Bracelet length] Must provide hand size The method of measuring the size of the hand: use the soft ruler to stick to the thinnest position of the wrist, just a good size. Each bracelet has a 1.2 cm extension chain for resizing [tag size] Circle ●: 1.2cm, ±0.1cm is the normal error range Triangle ▲: 0.9cm, ±0.1cm is the normal error range Square ■: 0.8cm, ±0.1cm is the normal error range Eye: 1.3*0.6cm, ±0.1cm is the normal error range [small tag lettering] Limited engraved one-character English uppercase letter [Material] Small tag: 999 sterling silver Bracelet: 925 sterling silver 【production time】 Because there is only one designer in the studio, each silver order takes 15 days to ship, and does not include holidays and delivery time. We will send you a letter to confirm the exact completion time after confirming the order information and completing the ordering process. After completion, we will take a photo to confirm the style. Upon receipt of the confirmation reply, we will arrange the shipment immediately. [Maintenance method] Sterling silver jewelry is prone to discoloration when exposed to the air for a long time. A piece of silver cloth and a thickened zipper bag will be attached to the jewelry. When the jewelry starts to turn black, you can wipe it with a silver cloth. The oil quality of the human body, the temperature and humidity of survival are all factors that affect the discoloration of silver products; We like to let the jewelry change the luster with the owner's living habits, this is the exclusive color. ◎ Fine bracelet products are recommended to be taken off while sleeping, so as to avoid the occurrence of breakage caused by sleeping and pulling. ◎When bathing, use bath products and clean water to wash the jewelry, you can achieve basic maintenance. ◎The worn silverware needs to be removed for a long time. You can wash the jewelry and dry it in a thick zipper bag. Silver products from PonChi can be returned for maintenance. Just pay for the shipping cost. 【package】 Simple packaging: thick zipper bag + silver cloth Gift packaging: small bag + carton + thick zipper bag + silver cloth Before adding the item to the shopping cart, please select the desired packaging method from the drop-down menu next to the item quantity. 【note】 The sterling silver jewelry is handmade and thrown away, so each one has some slight differences. Friends who like handmade jewelry are welcome to order. After the jewelry is finished, photos will be sent to confirm the style, and if it is confirmed, it will be sent immediately. [warranty] The warranty for fine bracelets is limited to the pendant. If there are any problems with the chain, it can be replaced once within one month after receipt. No warranty will be provided after one month. Bracelet repair fixed cost is 250 yuan [Send China to use international transshipment service] The design museum is temporarily unable to send the work directly to China, and friends who want to order can purchase it through the "International Transfer Service". To determine if you are eligible for the International Transfer Service, please refer to the following website. Any questions can be discussed with us using the message!


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