Morning Light Flower Cake Pan / Dim Sum / Long Plate

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△ hand painted glazed. △The theme of the garden is small flowers, small flowers are dotted with light beige and green glaze, warm and warm.


Morning Light Flower Cake Pan / Dim Sum / Long Plate

商品説明 Mikou·Tao Pure hand made pottery Comfortable, layered glaze Retrieve your own sense of life Let the vessel become an important partner All along, the warmth of hand-made pottery is incorporated into the life of the user. In the face of different glaze changes, the shape of the utensils, the heart of the people are also very different, so we believe that the hand-made pottery and the user's encounter, are upholding the fate. It is very interesting to make pottery, and the glaze will change differently according to the user's habits, usage times and time. We hope that the hand-made utensils will be in the life and the time of the user, so that the utensils are not only tools, but an indispensable partner in life. /product description/ The theme of the garden flower is the theme, the small flowers are embellished with light beige and green glaze, warm and warm. ------------------------------- △The white glaze color will have different color (milk white or milk tea color) due to the atmosphere in the kiln and the thickness of the hand glazing. There are subtle changes in the near future. △ hand painted glazed. ◇There will be the imprint of Mikou and Tao on the back of our work~ /How to use / food /Materials / Clay & glaze, fired at 1230 °C, safe for food. / size / about 11x27 cm, 3 cm high /select/ (only one per paragraph) From top to bottom 01/ 02 (sold out) /03 /Maintenance method / In case of dirt, it is recommended to use a sponge to clean. Avoid immersing the product in dirt for a long time. This product is easy to clean and is not recommended for dishwasher cleaning. Handmade pottery products are recommended to be cleaned and then stored in a ventilated place. /Purchase Notes/ ***Each item is handmade, and the size will be different. The earth color and glaze color will be the taste and characteristics of hand-made ceramics because of the different atmosphere in the kiln.** ***Our products are shot in natural daylight and try to make the correction of the difference between the photo and the actual glaze as much as possible, but because of the display of each computer (mobile phone) screen and the subjective perception of each person's color, The actual color of the work shall prevail. If you are unable to accept the slight drop, please consider whether to buy.** * This studio uses ceramic materials and is fired at a temperature above 1200 °C. The glaze is an edible safety glaze. * We do not over-package, package your goods with safe delivery standards, and sometimes use the cardboard boxes (or packaging materials) for secondary use, hoping to make a contribution to the global environment. *International parcels are mainly air transport. If you want to send a fast EMS, please contact the designer to inquire about shipping costs. FaceBook fan group, please search / Mikou・Tao


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