[Micro-Crystal] Dog and cat scouring hair cleansing expert to help hair anti-UV citrus antibacterial

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For dogs who need to clean the cortex. Micro-Crystal has developed a variety of items to solve the problem of your dog&#



[Micro-Crystal] Dog and cat scouring hair cleansing expert to help hair anti-UV citrus antibacterial


│Why Wei Jingna wants to make this product│ Mr. Ji, the founder of the brand, is a dog-loving person. He used to rescue dogs in the early days. Because he only wants to use the best for dogs, the products in the workshop are not in line with Mr. Ji’s needs, so he will carry his own research and development as long as he goes out. Used by dogs, it has been well received in the circle of friends, and it is suggested that Mr. Ji can come out and create his own brand to benefit more dogs and masters, so Wei Jingna was born. 1. Micro-Crya for Taiwan's manufacturing research and development From design, R&D to production, it is 100% manufactured in Taiwan. 2. Ingredients do not cause environmental burden Natural ingredients are easily decomposed and do not cause harm or burden to the environment. 3. Micro-Crystal promises that Micro-Crystal promises never to add controversial raw materials, and it will not be burdened with washing. Mao children wash hair, not to replace the human shampoo formula, change the noun, add some incense. All ingredients must be natural and must be friendly to the hairy child, which is the main principle of Weijingna. We promise not to add the following ingredients ►SLS/SLES interface active agent ►Paraben preservative ►矽灵 ►Deodorant ►Soda ►Color │How to use│ After moistening the hair of the hair with warm water, take a proper amount of scouring hair, dilute with five times of water, apply an average of scouring hair on the hairy child, and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse off with water. │Notes │ Avoid eyes and ears Each child has a different amount of living activity and needs to take a bath differently. Generally, we recommend taking a bath at least once a month. [Micro-Crystal - Classic Cleansing Expert]---Cats and dogs are available 1. Olive extract: contains a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, with soft hair and moisturizing the skin. 2, grape seed extract: with antioxidant, anti-allergic, heat preservation effect. 3, vitamin B5: with repair, maintenance effects, strengthen hair toughness, good grooming, hair care. 4, citrus extract: protect hair, increase skin health, nourish and prevent allergies. 5, Aloe Vera extract: with water moisturizing, dissolve keratin, inhibit bacteria. 6, natural hair care factor: contains protein, trace elements, vitamin E, can protect hair, anti-UV, increase brightness and gloss softness. 7, seaweed extract: anti-static, increase hair softness and luster. Capacity: 500ml Date of manufacture: marked on the bottom of the bottle Shelf life: 3 years


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