Christmas gift wrap cake smell gift box with Christmas 咭

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This Christmas, we launched the new Madeleine Cake Scent Gift Box! Put your carefully selected gifts in a surprise Christmas gift box. After opening the gift box, in addition to smelling the cake, there is also a Christmas greeting with a blessing, welcomi



Christmas gift wrap cake smell gift box with Christmas 咭

商品説明 How can the lack of the most important exchange of gifts in the Christmas season filled with festive atmosphere! This Christmas, we launched a new scent gift box packaging, put your carefully selected gifts into a surprise Christmas gift box, and bring a happy Christmas to family and friends! **The scent gift box package includes:** 方形 Square gift box; Size: 24.5 x 15 x 24.5cm ....Color: Pink / Wine Red ➁ Christmas 咭 one (only one) 碎 Filled with shredded paper strips (full box) **Smell gift box packaging features**➊ __The sweet smell of Madeleine cake__ The Madeleine cake is exquisite and lovely. The shell-shaped cake is soft and soft inside. It is a small dessert that must be eaten in many Christmas parties! Every time I smell the aroma of Madeleine cake, I will remember the rich atmosphere of Christmas. Therefore, the designer specially collected the perfume with the smell of Madeleine cake and sprayed the whole gift box. When it opened, it smelled the cake aroma and hoped to bring this smell to everyone. **Smell gift box packaging features**➋ __Heart-packing gift box__ A high quality packaging gift box will definitely add points to your Christmas gift! After opening the gift box, in addition to smelling the aroma of the cake, there is also a Christmas greeting with a blessing, welcoming the Christmas gift you carefully selected for her. The square gift box is made of native wood paddle paper, which is tough and not easily damaged. The hot stamping process of the box body has a three-dimensional feeling. There are two color choices: pink and mature wine red with a girlish taste **The bag that is suitable for this gift box in the COSPAC store** Simple square dark green crocodile velvet leather tote Women's square light gray crocodile velvet leather side backpack Cute bagel small round bag (brown) Cute bagel small round bag (wine red) Temperament long tassel style TASSO BOX Khaki square shoulder bag Long tassel style TASSO BOX brown square shoulder bag **Order instructions**☰ **- Please note the color of the gift box you selected when ordering** **- If you need to write a blessing on Christmas, please submit the content together when you place the order, let us write for you** **- The gift box is prepared for a long time, and the order will be sent out within 3-4 working days after the order is placed.** **- Before the mailing, you will tie a circle of bows outside the box to prevent things from falling out during transportation.** ☰**Shipping method**☰ 1 Free shipping on orders from Hong Kong to various SF Express stations (SF Express) Shipping time: 1 - 2 working days *Please fill in the address of the SF Station you want to send when ordering. For details, please visit the following website: 2 Orders from Taiwan, Macau and China are delivered to your address (SF Express) using SF Express. Shipping time: 1 - 2 working days *Taiwan customers are requested to provide your ID number when ordering, and the goods can be delivered faster. Please be assured that SF will store your personal data in the system for 1-2 months, after which it will be deleted. We will delete it as soon as we send it here! 3 Overseas orders use Hong Kong Post Shipping time: For each country, please contact the designer for information.