Chubby little cheeks pink sheep - wool felt (can be customized to change the color)

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Radishcookie wool felt shop

Radishcookie wool felt shop ショップへ

Chubby little cheeks pink sheep - wool felt (can be customized to change the color)


❈ ❈ Introduction
Chubby cheeks
Pink coat
Innocent eyes
Is super cute little pink sheep

It can be directly used as ornaments, placed in the home, office or place of business (cafes, restaurants, etc. ...), are appropriate to enhance the appearance and atmosphere!
It can be made strap, hanging in the bag & key, the key to get your bags & more lovely and unique!

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❦ wool felt works related news follows ❦

❈ ❈ Size
Length of about 3 ~ 3.5cm
Width of about 1 ~ 1.5cm
Height of about 1 ~ 1.5cm

❈ ❈ material
New Zealand wool

❈ ❈ designer

Operate and maintain ❈ ❈
1, if pilling wool felt surface, can be trimmed with a small pair of scissors.
2, if you want to work hand-washing, rub gently with cold water and then dried, not too strong, so as to avoid deformation felt sheep.
3, if the tufting handiwork relatively unfit Charm (because hanging on the bag, a collision may cause hair loss), as recommended on the interior decoration or for collection.

❈ ❈ origin
Using New Zealand wool, designed and handmade in Taiwan

Caution ❈ ❈
1, the computer screen colors will be color, please carefully assessed after the purchase.
2, wool felt works each one is handmade, it is inevitable there will be slightly different, if you do not mind buying.
3, after receipt of the order to begin making wool felt works according to difficulty and complexity of the different number of working days is different, takes about 7 to 15 working days (not including holidays).
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Design ❄ ❄
Fast pace of modern society, a lot of competition, a lot of people are subject to a lot of physical and mental stress. We want to feel the warmth of wool felt peculiar to convey to you, through the lovely wool felt healing everyone's heart, and by new and interesting design, bring some change and make life fun, hoping to make unique hand wool felt exhibit to like us.

❄ ❄ Brand Story
We are a team of two people, the brand name for a combination of the two nicknames, respectively, turnips and biscuits, add up to "radish cake" !! radish cake is a populist, cheap, tasty snacks, symbolizes our hope that their products can have a kind of price, quality and good design intentions, expectations our sheep blankets products, can be like radish cake like so popular and people's minds.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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