Pre-sale limited to Taiwan free shell "shell series" - map original phone shell / protective case iPhone / Samsung / HTC / Sony / LG

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Pre-sale limited to Taiwan free shell "shell series" - map original phone shell / protective case iPhone / Samsung / HTC / Sony / LG


"Please enter the supermarket information directly in the address field. If you have any questions, please contact us."

As each of the hand-shell machine is produced by hand, so the location of the computer layout and staff production is different may be a small deviation so all prevail in kind. But not too much difference!

Q1: Will the phone shell dirty how can I do?
Our merchandise material is waterproof scratch! Dirty as long as you can wash with water! Note that you can not use the fire wine, clear syrup, wet paper towels and so on with the chemical composition of things wipe, because there may be damage to the product.

Q2: Will the phone shell will not fade?
In the normal use of our mobile phone shell 3 years will not fade, so as long as you '' specific 'no problem!

Q3: Is it possible to map order?
Yes, we absolutely do not mind customization, as long as you provide the original map to be done on the map

Q4: How long will the production time?

Each of our hand-shell machine is produced by hand, so it can not be as fast as the machine produced
General hard shell production time is 5-7 working days or so to complete (excluding holidays), and soft shell because the process a little more relative production time slightly longer about 10-15 working days or so to complete (excluding holidays)
If [can not wait] or [in a hurry] friends, please also consider the order!

Q5: Can you add words?
Oh! Each phone shell can add your name, or like words.
Lettering words are limited, only NT $ 20, if you need to add words, please add another purchase:

Q6: Is there any texture choice?
At present we have only hard shell / matte choice, and soft shell only dumb and choose.
Smooth - reflective (suitable for home photos / pet photos / high-definition patterns, etc.)
Scrub - no reflective matte feel good Oh
Matte - not reflective sip hand often fall cell phone friends preferred this!
Reference to different texture links:

Q7: Will there be cash on delivery?
Sorry! There is no cash on delivery service, because our goods are paid after you will be produced.

Q8: What is the way to ship?

Taiwan, free shipping - is expected to be sent on October 8, optional family pick up / 7-11 pick up / China Post

Q9: Under what circumstances can return?

If the goods encountered the following problems, model / custom made the contents of the wrong or not set
Please do not worry! We will not say anything solely for you to do a refund or replacement service.
(A) goods have obvious flaws (small friction, eggs, etc. are not bones)
Note 1: goods due to international long-distance delivery, customs inspection, will inevitably have a little collision collision.
If you are a perfectionist, the above are unacceptable, but also please consider your order
Origin / manufacturing method
Made in Hong Kong




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