MaoFenBiBi Elegant Little Beauty - Hokkaido Special Edition - Limited Edition Sold Out Not Compensated - Hand Made Scarf

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100% handmade ✨Hokkaido special ✨ ❤️❤️❤️Made in Taiwan ❤️❤️❤️ This section comes with the same amount of money! (10 mm wide)



MaoFenBiBi Elegant Little Beauty - Hokkaido Special Edition - Limited Edition Sold Out Not Compensated - Hand Made Scarf


_SIZE__ Width: 1CM Length: between 10-60 cm (the length can be adjusted, the length can be deducted, the length must be increased) ***Suggest 1. Young cat: 10cm-23cm (1-2.5 kg) 2. Adult cat: 15-30cm (2.5-10kg) 3. Small-sized dog: 20-40cm (2.5-7kg) 4. Large and medium-size terriers: 25-50cm (7 kg up) 5. Super large dogs: 30-60cm (15 kg up) ***The length is longer than the set length. It can be discussed by private parties. Basically, for every 10 cents increase, you need to add 20 yuan. Can be measured for the child's actual measurement: the space for the child's neck after adding two fingers is the best wearing length __Material__ Source :Taiwan . Japan .China . Hong Kong .Korea Cloth material: general cotton Optional buckle: general buckle (not shown) // safety buckle (cat icon) __Style__ 1. Single circle + scarf (including bell) __Design Gallery__ 1. Commodity differences - Because each circle is made by hand, if all of the following conditions are normal, please discuss the private message if you have any doubts. ==>Product size (The object and the photo will have a slight error) ==>Commodity printing category distribution and color difference (The design hall will try not to make too much difference with the print on the photo, and the color will try to be the same as the photo shoot.] ==>Line head ending distribution [Because of artificial tailoring, it is not as beautiful as the sewing of the machine, please forgive me] 2. Exchange processing - If the size is not the same or the product has a replacement demand, please do not discuss the private design gallery [Please note that the product must not have traces of use, artificially damaged dirt and odor, or has been washed, it is recommended to take pictures before unpacking] 3. The practicality of going out of the design gallery collar All the collar materials in the design hall are [fabric] (generally cotton or harder cotton). Harder than the sturdy, special ropes on the market. At this point, the design museum has tried its best to improve it. If you can't accept the hairy parents, please ask before the subscript! All current products are hand-stitched and sewn. Each product designer has the right to modify and change the design. If the parents have customized and other special requests, please let us know in advance. (eg change the buckle, change the charm, change the length...etc.) Customized items must wait at least 7~15 working days for shipment! (The designer has other work on the weekdays, please forgive me...><") I hope that the parents who browse the product interface can give us support for collection ^^


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