Full silicone baby folding bowl 350ML

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No trace of diet and health awareness, the choice of the lunch box and crisper is equal to the health of the family, silicone is not plastic, can be used safely at high temperatures, does not contain heavy metals and food contact does not produce carcinoge



Full silicone baby folding bowl 350ML


➤ FDA compliant food grade certification ➤Compliant with SGS food grade certification ➤Store a good helper to save cabinet space ➤Canada team design world exclusive patent ➤Travel box telescopic design adjustable height ➤The patented buckle is designed to seal well and is not easy to leak. ➤All 矽 glue material, recommended by the global health organization ➤Use the safest food grade cerium oxide (silicone) ➤All 矽 glue resistant to high and low temperature (-40 degrees C ~ 230 degrees C) ➤ snack storage box, outdoor snacks are more convenient ➤ Suitable for microwave ovens to heat food at low temperature and medium temperature Silicone rubber molding, soft and tough, anti-fall and durable It is not a plastic product, so it does not contain plasticizer, bisphenol A. ➤Anti-oil, anti-bacterial, easy to clean, crystal clear, no residue of food ➤ Depending on the amount of food contained, the height of the crisper can be arbitrarily stretched ➤ Pull up the spring bud valve, the microwave heating is more fresh, and it is explosion-proof ➤Press the spring bud valve on the lid, the refrigerator will be frozen and fresh, and the food will not taste. "Precautions" 1. When the refrigerator is frozen and fresh, sealed and protected from moisture, please press the spring bud valve on the lid to form a seal. 2. When microwave heating, please pull up the spring bud valve to keep ventilation, so that explosion-proof 3. When baking in the oven, please do not cover the lid to avoid affecting the baking effect. "Intimate" 1. For the first time, use silicone oil for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water to taste. 2. Silicone is prohibited from being used on gas stoves and away from sharp objects. 3. Silicone is a natural material. If it is aging, please update the product. "Aging time varies according to individual frequency of use" Product specifications ■Product Name: Pagoda Partita full silicone flexible storage box ■Specifications: 350ml / square / blue / pink ■Size: Extension 110x110x65mm / Shrink 110x110x32mm ■ Temperature resistance: -40°C ~ 230°C (box/cover) ■ Weight: 159g ± 5g ■Material: Food grade silicone ■ Origin: Canada OEM China Factory ■The main picture of the product and the situation picture will have color difference due to the shooting relationship, and the actual product color will be the main one. ※Precautions: 1. Do not use near fire sources, do not use in gas stoves. 2. Dark or synthetic pigments can cause color to remain in the box. 3. Please wash with a sponge or a rag. Do not use a melon cloth to avoid scratching the surface. 4. Do not use sharp and sharp objects to cut the product. 5. Do not pour carbonated beverages. It is easy for the gas generated by the beverage to expand and the upper cover is not easy to adhere to cause leakage of contents.


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