Forest Series Hotel Indoor Room Aromatherapy Artifact Natural Aromatherapy Essen

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The forest fragrance enhancement artifact volatilizes natural essential oil through air medium, releasing aromatic molecules of plants, and refreshing the polluted environment in our room or other limited spaces. Essential oils have become the first choice for many countries in purifying air, improving environmental sanitation, preventing diseases, enhancing



Forest Series Hotel Indoor Room Aromatherapy Artifact Natural Aromatherapy Essen


In the rhyme of time, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, such as the blank of the season, there is a tranquil and noisy quiet, calm and peaceful, just like a blooming flower with a smile, you must wake up from your old dream and walk in a clear season with the mood of fate. The years are deep, both the snow under the moonlight and the flowers in spring are beautiful. The design feature of this product also lies in the forest fragrance cup. We like essential oil and hope that the fragrance of essential oil will be distributed around us, but because the smell of essential oil is distributed quickly, it may run out in a few minutes and an hour, so we need a "carrier" to lock the essential oil and let it go slowly and slowly to distribute the fragrance. These natural materials are the most ideal materials for designers. The carrier and essential oil are all taken from plants, such as flowers and trees. The fragrance will be more natural. Use the fragrance you like to create your own "fragrance cup". The natural forest essential oil is accompanied by a unique design style. At all times around you, drop 7-8 drops of natural aromatic essential oil onto cinnamon, and then place them in pillow cases. The perfect combination of orange essential oil and cardamom essential oil with cinnamon forms the most unique fragrance, which is a good choice for bedroom, office desk and toilet. High-end store fragrance, a high-quality essential oil. The fragrance permeates all corners of the shopping mall. The fragrance of the shopping mall will make you feel warm and warm. Friends who are away from home are tired and tired all day and always want to find a warm harbor to relax. However, all shopping malls are the same and have no characteristics or styles. It is the practice of most of us to choose the nearest one casually. Customers have chosen us. This is our lucky thing. When guests first enter the store, the reaction is to respond to the fragrance in the room. Essential oils are often used to create an emotional atmosphere. Add 6-8 drops of fragrant essential oil or drop the essential oil directly into a bowl filled with boiling water. Lavender essential oil and ocean essential oil are good choices, especially in the coming winter, they can make the dry air fresher and create a warm atmosphere. The years are deep, both the snow under the moonlight and the flowers in spring are beautiful. Once you step into the shopping mall, you will be temporarily separated from the scenery with four distinct seasons, but how can you experience that we are not separated from the world yet, because there is fragrance here, an essential oil that represents the natural fragrance of flowers-the fragrance for high-end shopping malls. "Smell is an omnipotent sorcerer," American writer Helen Keller said perceptively. When she remembered all kinds of smells, her nasal cavity was filled with all kinds of scents, evoking her sweet memories of past summer days and distant autumn harvest fields.


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